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Anything to do with living life in and around Indianapolis! The perfect home is so much more than a house. It's where you meet friends, work, play and build your life. Let's share what makes the Indianapolis area the perfect place!
Recent Seller Question:  “What expenses should I expect when selling my Greenwood home and how much money will I actually walk away with when it’s all said and done?”  Great Question!  Isn’t this what everyone really wants to know?There are several different expenses involved when selling a house...
It doesn't feel like fall here in Indy today, but it's coming soon!  Here is a great list of fall home maintenance chores to do while it's still warm! It is hard to believe that fall is coming since it still in the 90s in Washington this week. The grass, which is turning brown from the lack of ra...
Recent Seller Question:  "Help!  I’ve never sold a house before.  Where do I start?  What are the steps in the process?" Great Question! There are 100’s of steps involved in the home sale process and no two transactions are exactly alike, but we’ve put together a list of the most common activitie...
Considering buying your first Indianapolis area home?  Then you may also be wondering how high your credit score needs to be or when you’ll be ready.  We recently received a similar question from a first time buyer:"We are looking to buy a home here in a couple years and were wondering if you cou...
So what's the difference between a Buyer's Market and a Seller's Market?  Should I care?Like most professions, real estate has its own vocabulary and to those not “in the business” at times it may seem like a foreign language!   There has been a lot of press this spring about a “Seller’s Market” ...
It's been awhile since Indianapolis has seen a seller's market.  How does this affect buyers? Inventory is low and they are fighting over homes.  Have you heard the recent horror stories? Buyers who missed out on one or even several great homes due to multiple offers or sales that happened so qui...
Whether to buy a home in Greenwood or have one built is yet another decision to make during the home-buying process. If you decide to go with new construction, a real estate agent can be a powerful advocate in your corner as you negotiate upgrades, a move-in date and other terms with the home bui...
Here are our favorites!Buyers will be looking at all of the homes for sale in Indianapolis in a price range and location similar to yours. Some of the properties may even be new construction. It’s essential your home to look its very best. We have walked homes with many, many buyers and understan...
Earnest money is a deposit you pay when you make an offer on a home—it’s a way to show the seller that you mean business. In Indiana, once the offer is accepted, the buyer's Earnest Money check is cashed and deposited in a special account of the Listing Broker until closing when it is credited ba...
So you're thinking about buying a home in Greenwood or one of the great surrounding areas.  Awesome!  Like most buyers, you probably began your search online.  Pouring over property descriptions and photos.  Looking for the perfect place. Then it happens.... You find one you love, it's PERFECT!Wh...

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The Hoagland Group specializes in helping Indianapolis and Greenwood families buy and sell one of the largest investments they'll ever make -- their home.

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The Hoagland Group specializes in helping Indianapolis and Greenwood families buy and sell one of the largest investments they'll ever make -- their home.

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