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Perspectives from a Realtor who also manages a very talented group of Realtors with many years of experience.
A sign of the times... November 26, 2008 by ericbushnell It's tough out there, we see it and we hear it from everyone we talk to.  We hear the bad news on the radio, TV, and in the newspapers.  What is one to think?  Chicken Little is the sky really falling... Well, i do believe that history does...
The PPC campaign is progressing well.  I have also attracted the attention of every PPC advertiser in the country that is calling and letting me know about their site. seems to be the most aggressive. their supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, or google.  They have a pre...
I have been advertising and market in print and online for 15 years.  I have seen many types of advertising and been to the seminars.  I've read the books on horizontal vs. vertical advertising, but the question always comes up.  Is it productive and is the ROI (return on investment) better than ...
I have recently made a decision to switch my main website hosting from AdvancedAccess to RealPro.  I have worked with AdvancedAccess for 4 years and my site is highly ranked by search engines in my local area.I am keeping the same domain name, and the new sight will go active in the next week or ...
At a recent dinner party there was a discussion about the economy.  It seems this is the topic each time I turn on the radio, TV, or speak with anybody about anything.  I personally have felt that the economy would worsen before it got any better.  While I try to keep up a good front, I like many...
It's spring time in south central Alaska and the snow is melting and the pot holes are emerging.  Spring brings longer days and the sunshine that we have missed since late September.  It also hearkens the beginning of this years construction season.  Now is the time that buyers are beginning to s...
I have been to many meetings and seminars and heard veteran Realtors speak about turning away business that they feel does not suit they style.  I have listen but never thought this would happen to me.  I have a decent business, and have enjoyed steady growth each year.  I felt that ones ability ...
The Real Estate market in Eagle River Alaska is very good.  Now some will say "How can you say that?"  Yes, Homes are on the market much longer then 2-3 years ago, and Yes, in 2007 we did see the average sales price decline by approximately 2.5%.  This is just a number, the truth is that homes ar...
Today in the Anchorage Daily News there is an article detailing the woes of one of the areas larger builders.  I am sure that this article is very similar to articles written in local newspapers all over the country.  Fortunately for all of us in Anchorage Alaska, our real estate market is still ...
Being the sales manager of the Prudential Jack White/Vista Real Estate office in Eagle River Alaska provides me with a very interesting view of the Real Estate market.  Many consumers are gravitating to the more experienced Realtors, why is this happening.  I believe it is because these successfu...

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Perspectives from a Realtor who also manages a very talented group of Realtors with many years of experience.