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Perspectives from a Realtor who also manages a very talented group of Realtors with many years of experience.
We have finished the 1st quarter of 2009.  How has it effected you?  Did the press influence how you spend your income?  At a local level my first impression of the economy is that it is good.  Do you agree? or Disagree? In Eagle River Alaska the economy seems good, and the real estate numbers re...
"How is the Real Estate Market?"  This is a question you probably ask  or hear on a regular basis.  I know this is a common topic of discussion at any gathering.  Everyone has a different opinion, but what is the reality in the world of realty? One must first remember that real estate is local, w...
I learned a great lesson while on vacation.  You have to let go and not worry.  Having said that, it is easier said than done.  I spent a very relaxing two weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It was very relaxing and the Puna District south of Hilo is great.  No T.V no radio.  We stayed at a grea...
Wow, it is cold today, but it is warming up.  Started out at -26 degrees, yes that is 26 below ZERO.  At 11 m it had warmed up, a nice -15, now it's up to -11 degrees.  I love my I-phone, it keeps me in touch with the weather, as if I didn't realize that it was cold. Oh, by the way it's 73 in Lah...
  2008 is drawing to a close and for the last month I have been analyzing what worked and what did not.  I believe the first ten months of this year were pretty good, the last two, not so good.  I like most people, think that while it wasn't as good as previous years, it was still a decent year. ...
  I have begun writing my own ads on Google. Currently I one campaign with 5 versions running under 10 keyword configurations. I realize that many of you may pay someone to do this for you. I have found it very easy to work the account settings inside of Google and really like what I am seeing. A...
December has arrived in Alaska, the temperatures are going down.  -8 degrees this morning and the current temperature has warmed up to 9 degrees.  You would think this would discourage buyer, but no, several were here this morning ready to start the day. We have seen several pending sales in rece...
By ericbushnell Has anyone ever asked you why you work there?  You know, where you're currently working.  They do know that you have a choice and that you choose to work there.  Or do you?  I mean do you realize that you have a choice?  We make choices in life everyday.  Sometime we choose to ma...
Do you work with investors? Eagle River Alaska is a great place to own a rental.  In our current economic times, buyers are trying to decide whether they should purchase a home or rent.  In our area the vacancy rate is 5-6%, and homes rent for approximately $1.00 to $1.20 per square foot. Militar...
This week in Eagle River is very busy.  This Thursday evening, December 4Th, is the Chugiak Senior Centers Christmas Party.  We will be there to sing Christmas carols and presents gifts to the seniors.  This is a wonderful event sponsored by Prudential Jack White/Vista Real Estate. On Friday and ...

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Perspectives from a Realtor who also manages a very talented group of Realtors with many years of experience.