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I got a phone call from a friend regarding a segment on Good Mornig America. The segment is about corrupt / incompetant / overworked building inspectors. The next time someone questions why an inspection by a Home Inspector is needed on new construction, direct them to this link. If you haven't s...
If you read my other posts, you will know that I recently set up a new site and reporting system. So far, everything is going great. I thank everybody that helped me along. Special thanks to BobSince alot of what we see, we see quite often, I would like to start compiling a archive of really good...
I finally got my website up and running. I would love some feedback. I'm still "tweeking" it. I hope to be done soon, maybe it will never be done.  I have no problem with constructive critisism. Someone told me my font was too small, what do you think?Check out the gallery. Inspectmyproperty.comT...
 This story is dedicated to Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman. She inspired the idea. She speaks of her home with love. There is a place called Tortola. If you go to Cuba and make a right, you will hit it.   No, I did not live in this house.   And I did not live on this boat,   I DID live on this boat. T...
First I would like to thank everyone that helped me select a new reporting system, I am thus far thrilled with my selection.Now I need your help again. I am attempting to build my own website. No, I'm not a computer wiz. I am using a "do it yourself" site that gives me numerous options to choose ...
 I'm relatively new to Active Rain and I have to admit that I'm addicted! I've lost count of the late nights up to the wee hours... reading, searching, responding. Or the delayed mornings, checking in.I fully admit that I love watching my points accumulate, watching my profile "climb the ranks".S...
Happy Holidays to everyone on Active Rain.My brother just emailed this to me and I thought it would be nice to share. The KnightA British Jew is waiting in line to be knighted by the Queen. He is to kneel in front of her and recite a sentence in Latin when she taps him on the shoulders with her s...
I am considering using a new Inspection Report system. I would like some input as to the different systems. Now I'm sure that everybody thinks that theirs is the best, so if you can tell me why you think it is the best or if you have experience with multiple systems and can compare, I would appre...
My girlfriend recently threw me out. My troubles started when I brought home a dog that someone gave me. I thought I was doing something good. The dog was homeless and we are animal lovers.The man that gave me the dog told me his wife insisted that he get rid of it. She told him she thought the d...
I am interested in adding to my collection of toys... I mean tools. Does anybody have any equiptment they are interested in selling? If you do, post it here or you can contact me directly.  If I can't use it, perhaps someone else may have a use for it. No junk...please. Thank you.

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