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How Important is Proper Flashing?Well, we all know the answer to that question. I came upon this video while researching EIFS and moisture analysis. I thought it was interesting and am happy to share it. Grab some popcorn and turn down the lights. Sit back and enjoy the show.Invasive inspection -...
Some client's of mine just purchased a "repo", two bedroom condo to flip. The people that lived there before were very dirty, and had 4 dogs. The carpet and all furnishings have been removed, but there is still a very strong stink. They have been spraying deodorizer, but it doesn't help.I was thi...
This is a message to a client that I recently did and inspection for. I'm wondering if it was wrong for me to advise her to negotiate the price of the house, or if some of my other comments were out of order.She and her family are regular clients of mine and she has referred work to me. I do not ...
Not too long ago, I posted what I thought was a joke regarding politics. I felt that it ended up offending a few people, so I deleted it.Someone sent this to me and I am posting it for all to read. Please understand, I am not questioning anybody's rights as far as political views and I am not try...
Only cuz I love all you guys, I'm going to pass on this oppertunity to you. I received this message on Active Rain today.Don't worry about thanking me now, just buy me a new H1 hummer and I'll be more than satisfied. francamartins4u@yahoo.frDear,I know you will be surprise to receive my mail sinc...
I find I spend more time writing a report than it takes for me to do the inspection itself. By the way, an "average inspection takes me about 3 - 4 hours. When I hear of guys doing 2 inspections a day, 5 days a week, I just can't imagine myself doing that.I am using a new program and I'm just beg...
I've got too many projects and just don't have the time to work on this one. If anyone puts it together, they will have a great car. It runs fine, drives, tops works and is in pretty good condition. I had the car sandblasted, so what you see is what there is. I have all new sheet metal, and all o...
In another forum that I participate in, a fellow inspector that is not familiar with inspecting EIFS had asked for some pointers. Although there is alot more to the process than can be reasonably posted. Below is a copy of a short list that I prepared. The copy is edited, there were some photos t...
I've been away from AR for a month or so. I guess I've been suffering a case of Internet burn out. Between work, studying, raising a family and everything else... I think I just needed a rest. Hello to all of my friends that I have missed.Anyway, my brother forwarded this story to me and I knew t...
A really nice thing happened this past week. The other evening I received a phone call from a gentleman that introduced himself as Nima Rezvan of Countrywide Loans in Norwalk, Connecticut. He sounded too nice on the phone, so, being a New Yorker I was sure he was trying to sell me something.Perha...

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