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Never would I have belived this, but since our yellow lab joined our family a year ago, I find myself exploring Fairfax & Arlington Counties in search of the absolute best dog park.  Why?  Well a tired dog is a good dog - or at least when MY dog is a tired dog he is a good dog.  As I drive throug...
I have recently found a new part-time job involuntarily.  Our local MLS system offers a feedback button at the bottom of each listing to make it easier for agents to report listings that may  be  in violantion of the MRIS regulations.  While I always knew this button was there, I rarely  had the ...
Need a laugh?  Watch this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T1RMuoQnKo   Funny and very accurate!
Dear Washington Post, Don't call me PollyAnna. Contract activity is up (almost to the housing boom  2005 levels), listing inventory is down (about a two month supply in Northern Virginia). Hmmmmm, wonder what that may mean.... May Market Conditions in Northern Virginia          
When negotiating on behalf of my clients, I reflect on my client's needs/wants.  My objective is always to help my client obtain their goals.  Maybe this is why I find it incredibly frustrating when the rare instance occurs that the real estate licensee on the other end of the transaction seems t...
In a summary of Jan - Mar 2008 vs.  Jan - Mar 2009, the number of sales in NORTHERN VIRGINIA increased 20.4% yet the average month-end available inventory dropped by 29.5 leaving us with a 3.2 month supply of homes on the market. Granted, a lot of the contract activity was the clearing out of for...
Huge news if this gets approved.   ***  Okay, Okay.... stop the phones!   We've been receiving calls all day about the "announced" monitization of the $8000 first-time homebuyer tax credit. "Where's the ML?" Well, there ISN'T one yet...   HUD Secretary Donovan appeared at a NAR function earlier t...
New for 2009, a TRUE $8000  tax credit -   but this expires 11/1/09! Match this with recently released higher FHA/conforming loan limits, low interest rates & sellers willing to pay closing costs (aka subsidy), now is truly the time for first time home buyer!  See details below for the tax credit...
I have recently joined the Urban Dictionary word of the day because I sometimes  have no idea what people are talking about.  But, BIBO didn't come from that nifty website, it came from my very wise & wonderful Broker.  It stands for Breath In, Breath Out and it is truly amazing how many times I ...
I can tell because the "For Sale" signs are beginning to bloom;)  Actually, the buzz seems to be about the pent-up inventory of Sellers waiting until the Spring market officially begins to place their home on the market.  I expect a big bloom of listings to become available the week after Easter....

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