Introducing your Skagit County weekly activity report! Skagit County is a hot seller's market - new residential listings was 37 while 53 listings sold = net decrease of 16 active listings. As with any county, certain areas are hotter than others. If you're curious about your area, let me know. I ...
Well, at least listings are up from last week but so are pendings and especially sales. So last week I reported 49 new residential listings but 64 sold which means we had a net decrease of listings of 15. This week we have 60 new listings but 83 sold which is a net decrease of 23! The moral of th...
Ahhhh, after a much-needed vacation - your stats are back!I put three of the past weeks together for this post since I was away with my family and hosting my son's wedding to our sweet new daughter-in-law. But I'm back at it!Not much has changed in the way of new listings vs sold or pended until ...
Here's the month end real estate stats for Whatcom County -1st chart - Just like a "normal" yearly cycle, the number of listings in September is slightly less than that of October. New listings for September = 329, August = 353.2nd chart - September followed the same pattern as August with more l...
Here's the latest listing information for Whatcom County residential and condos.Last week of the 90 listings that pended, 36* (40%!) went straight to a pending status rather than "pending inspection" - more and more buyers are waiving their inspections to "win the bid" with multiple offer situati...
Not at all surprising that we're still dealing with some low inventories across most price ranges.More and more home buyers are starting to waive their inspections to win the bid wars.  Click to hear more about waiving home inspections. Heather Stevenson BROKERCELL 360.441.7120 
Here's your quick market update for Whatcom County for Sept 14-20 - we're still seeing more listings go pending than new ones coming on the market. Prices stayed pretty similar to last week with a slight increase in the condo median price.Heather Stevenson BROKERCELL 360.441.7120 
 We're still very much in a seller's market with more pended listings this week than new listings. Watch those median sales prices to see trends as move into the fall...Heather Stevenson BROKERCELL 360.441.7120  
We still have more pended listings than new listings but fewer solds than new listings. It will be interesting to see how this pans out!Heather Stevenson BROKERCELL 360.441.7120 
This is all the data for all residential new, sold, pending, expired/canceled listings for Whatcom County (only) through September 2nd (9:00 am).Let's break these graphs down into chunks - 1. The top-left graph is all the new residential listings per month - it's important to look at this graph c...

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