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Second Self offers support services for real estate professionals, including website maintenance & design, online listing & contact management, marketing, SEO, ghostwriting & blogging. Second Self: when there just isn't enough of you to go around!



  This was just too good not to share.  I know our chocolate lab would not have left those cookies on the plate!  Thanks to Rebecca for posting this originally.  Happy Holidays! Heather Chavez, Real Estate Virtual Assistant     Dog's believe in Santa!  Yes, it's true....... This video is so adora...
I really do feel like I'm living in a Christmas card right now.  It's amazing how beautiful things look with a blanket of fresh snow on them. We just got our tree and now our house smells like Christmas, too.  Nice!  Happy Holidays, everyone! Heather Chavez, Real Estate Virtual Assistant
It is a tradition in my family to make deviled eggs for any major get together.  What started out as a way to use up the Easter eggs soon became a Thanksgiving and Christmas staple.  Mom didn't have a choice.  We could devour dozens upon dozens of them at a sitting.  So, for Thanksgiving this yea...
It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.  When I woke up this morning, we had 7" of snow on the ground and it's still coming down.  We will be finishing out the week in snow.  Being a recent transplant from Southern California, this is new and wonderous.  By Christmas, it may get old.  But, fo...

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