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Second Self offers support services for real estate professionals, including website maintenance & design, online listing & contact management, marketing, SEO, ghostwriting & blogging. Second Self: when there just isn't enough of you to go around!



I have my very own juvenile delinquent.  Angel's mugshot: Angel this morning:   Someone is very happy to be home.  She's baaaaack! **These photos were taken by my very own camera and are my property.  However, if you like what you see and want to use them for yourself, feel free to do so.  Simply...
First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit Question: I have a question for all you smart Realtor types in the Rain.  I have a cousin who is purchasing a brand new home that is currently under construction.  She and her husband qualify for the First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit.  If their home isn't complet...
It's National One Hit Wonder Day, y'all!  There have been so many fun ones over the years that I love to visit from time to time.  But, on the way to school this morning, my son and I were singing along to the following song.  We even had choreography to go with it.  We're geeks.  Deal with it! I...
I think this says it all! Beware the flying kitty!  Sometimes, a normal slap just won't do!  Happy Thursday everyone.  Hope this brings a smile to your face. Heather Chavez, Real Estate Virtual Assistant - Second Self Virtual Assistance: When There Isn't Enough of You to Go Around!
A mom was concerned about her kindergarten son, Timmy, walking to school.  He didn't want his mother to walk with him.  She wanted to give him the feeling that he had some independence but yet know that he was safe.  So, she had an idea of how to handle it.  She asked a neighbor if she would plea...
The Breast Cancer Site needs your clicks now.  More likely than not, you have a sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, cousin or friend who has suffered from breast cancer.  Hopefully, these people have survived (as more and more are nowadays).  Or, you may have had some dear ones pass away from this...
I'm SO doin' the Snoopy Dance right now.  After 7 months, 195 posts (today's makes 196), 2885 comments made, 2667 comments received, 51 blog subscribers, 66 associations, creating 1 group, inviting 1 member to join, 1 featured post and 1 Active Rain workshop, I am please to announce that: I hit 1...
Need I say more? **These photos were taken by my very own camera and are my property.  However, if you like what you see and want to use them for yourself, feel free to do so.  Simply mention where you got them.  I'd appreciate it. ** Heather Chavez, Real Estate Virtual Assistant - Second Self Vi...
Bubbles were burst at NASCAR's Sprint Cup Race in Richmond, Virginia, on Saturday, September 12, 2009.  To quote Heidi Klum from Project Runway: "One of you will be in and the other will be out."  (Yes, I am a girly-girl who watches Project Runway and manages to absolutely love NASCAR, but that's...
Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA offers an amazing program called the Child Life/Child Development Program.  This program provides much needed and greatly appreciated one-on-one consultants for children staying in the hospital for long periods of time as well as their families.  This program is co...

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