So we took a listing this morning. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Not exactly. The people who are selling their home just bought it 5 days ago. They are poised to make $50,000 to $75,000 profit on that purchase within the next 30 days. How did they do it? They bought a FOR SALE BY OWNER home...
While this isn't something I frequently do it is something I occasionally enjoy. This morning I went to church for a one hour meeting. Afterward a Belgian waffle sounded really good. 2 blocks from church there is a place that makes great Belgian waffles so I went alone. A friend calls me on my ce...
So I took a new listing on Tuesday and as of today I have 10 offers with the highest and best offer netting the seller 24% more than what the home listed for. So this begs the obvious question of, "Is it possible to price a home too low?" What say you? Holla!
...someone you know in the real estate business, whether it be mortgage, title, escrow or home sales asks you how you're business is going? Let me preface this with you know this person is struggling in his/her business and you just had a year better than the previous 3 combined. It is a tough qu...
I have a good worksheet I use when my home seller clients are considering renting. Even when faced with the hard fact they will lose thousands of dollars each month, my last 2 home sellers decided to rent their vacant homes instead of selling. I'm hoping for suggestions on this one. What am I doi...
Today is Day #6 since completing my first marathon last Sunday morning. My time 4:44. Not bad if I do say so myself. My first goal was to cross the finish line, my second goal was to cross under 4:30. Could have reached both, but my training took a weird twist. I trained for nearly 8 months and n...
Why do real estate professionals use a personal photo with most and sometimes all marketing materials? What if I don't drive by that particular bus stop that has your photo on it? How would I choose a Realtor? I guess I would have to wait to find the best looking Realtor at the car wash magazine ...
It appears there is still an enormous disconnect between buyers and sellers in the real estate market. Many homeowners are chasing the market downward instead of being aggressive and selling their home ahead of the downward spiral. At the other end of the spectrum we have the unrealistic buyer wh...

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