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Lise Howe knows so much bout Managing your investment property,  This is a excellent read. Congratulations on becoming a landlord.  You have taken an important first step in the path to building wealth for you and your family.  I love being a landlord - at least most of the time - because you are...
We are not makers of history.  We are made by history. - Martin Luther King, Jr.The result you fantasize about lies in the work you're avoiding. - Kylie FancisNever give in and neve give up. - Hubert H. HumphreyLike what you do.  If you don't like it, do something else. - Paul HarveyTo every acti...
I have a client that can only see property at 7 pm to  9pm because is is a manager of a story and his two assistant manager have Covid-19 and have been off for 9 days now.  He was tested and seems to be okay.So I have to use my slow cooker more since my wife does not cook.So this week one night w...
This recipes makes enough four 4 servings.  What you need is:1 cam condensed beef consomme, undiluted1/2 cup water3 tablespoon soy sauce2 tablespoon maple syrup2 tablespoon honey2 tables barbecue sauce1/2 teaspoon dry mustard2 pounds extra-lean baby back ribsCombine all ingedients except ribs in ...
I am lucky I have one lender that gives me update rates every Friday that I know what to expect over the weekend about rate.  Of course, I give out three lenders cards for people that need a lender.  I can depend on all three of my lenders and always good to have people I work with I can trust. 
Denver Metro AreaDecember was another strong month for the Denver Metro Area housing market. Throughout the month 5,113 homes closed, more than any other December on record. Buyers brought 3,017 New Listings of homes for sale to the market, 18% more than last December. Strong demand kept home pri...
Once again Realtyna, inc has come up with another excellent blog to share with us here in he raon.  Selling a property can be a challenging experience for realtors and homeowners alike. Technology has provided so many advantages, and listing agents can take advantage of various tools to make the ...
Inflation is when you pay $15 for a $10 haircut you get for $5 when you had hair. - Sam EwingLive today fully, expressing gratitude for all you have been, all you are right now, and all you are becoming. - Melodie BeattieYou'll never get bored when you try something new, there's really no limit t...
Shayne  Stone came up with a great blog about Rent vs. Buy.  Take a look at it. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, median rent continues to rise. With todays low mortgage rates, there's great opportunity for current renters to make a move into homeownership that stretches each dollar a little b...
For Zip codes in Aurora, Colorado the following are the market report.Zip code 80013                          Zip code 80015Medium price  $434,550                          Medium price $$461,366Days on Market  7                                   Days on Market  39Inventory  8                     ...

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