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If your group is thinking of having a charity auction here are a few things you should consider:Auctioneers need to see to do their job.It should go without saying but I'll say it anyhow, If I can't see a bidder (let alone a bid) I can't take that bid. If you want flowers get short ones. I once d...
Last Saturday we were one of the  7 auctions in the St. Louis area. Our crowd was light as I said, but beside competing with other auctions we all were up against Race for the Cure. If you are going to loose some of your crowd to something that is a good one to loose to.I wound up getting another...
Our company held a "last minute auction" this past Saturday, and got the home empty for the customer.Here are a few things to remember when you want to have an auction with less than a month to market it:You run the risk of conflicting with other auctions, or events all of which are out of the co...
You can find auction items on websites like and bid on them even when you can't attend the auction. Many auctioneers allow you to leave absentee bids, where the auction company does your bidding for you. You are leaving your authorization for the auction company to bid for you up t...
 We went to the Gypsy Caravantoday and handed out flyers for upcoming auctions.If you are not from St. Louis, or if you never get out, let me tell you about the Gypsy Caravan. It is a big Flea Market, Antique Market, Craft Fair and Steam Bath all rolled into one. It is held out of doors, and on p...
OK, I think almost everyone says it wrong, you hear Botch e' ball all the time.Bocce Ball, you don't see it that much these days, but when you do you should stop and play. They used to have a Bocce court in north county in Hazelwood, but it fizzled long ago. Now on the hill, Bocce is still played...
As an Auctioneer I have the unique experience of digging through others things for a living. You would be surprised at the things people have tucked away. The thought occurred to me the other day that someday someone else would be digging through the items I have at my home when my estate is sold...
Several times a week I see this played out. A family member in charge of disposing of Mom or Dad's estate asks me if they should have an auction or an estate sale. There several factors to considerDid Mom or Dad collect anything of value? This may be a hard question as a lot of parents spent a go...

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