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A major shift is taking place in the way the massive log jam of distressed properties is being dealt with. Over the last couple of years, defaulting homeowners have become a protected class. I say this without intent to sound heartless, but I still believe in the basic tenet that you can't keep s...
Switching from PC to Mac: a rite of passage. Not just a decision, but an experience. As I navigate this gauntlet, a pattern has jumped out at me. Here were two outstanding machines – a Toshiba Satellite and a MacBook Pro – and I am stuck using them both right now. I know I need to make my move, b...
Seriously. I'm in the business 20 years and I have never even heard of one. I am a fun guy, so that can only mean one thing - no one ever retires from real estate. Is it because we love it so much, or that we can't? There is a major flaw in our business model, in that each real estate agent is an...
Reports are pouring in and some patterns are emerging in Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, New York, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, California, and Washington. And that's just the people we've met with and spoken to in the last two weeks. Let me use this space to repo...
 “Find me a deal!” seems to be the mantra of too many real estate investors; the wrong ones. As if you have sellers everywhere who are completely ignorant of the true value of their property. You can’t blame these investors. They have been sold this fairytale by one real estate guru after another...
Why is your market a great investment? If you'd like to learn more about how to analyze markets and present yours as a great investment, join us at
Below is a 15-year depiction of median sale prices in the U.S. Housing Market*. The blue line shows prices, the shaded columns highlight the last 15 "spring markets". Take a long look, draw your own conclusions, then I will share mine below…     Conclusion #1:   There has been no “housing meltdow...
I've been doing too much traveling in the last couple of years. With two little kids at home, it's not my favorite part of the job. I even whine about it sometimes. Then I met a man who reminded me how lucky I am. He was not a young soldier, like you might assume. He had some grey around the temp...
Have you ever heard someone say, in defense of doing things according to the status quo, “This is not a business, we can’t run it like one!” I have, from the general manager of a local golf club I used to belong to; from elected officials in local government; from my local school board; from a re...
Our industry needs to rethink our core mission. Homeownership and owner-occupancy are two different things and it’s time to make that distinction. Here are a few facts that support a broader view of our role in the world: ·         If 27% of all the home sales in 2011 were investor purchases, the...

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