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Just a very brief note on my experiences and my suggestions on how to manage Short Sale deals.  I can sum it up in one word....diligence!   As a listing agent of a short sale:  You will encounter numerous obstacles including the lack of cooperation from your seller.  Stay on top of the forms, get...
Just recently we received the following conditions in order to get loan approval: Mandatory fixes:  2 Year Roof Certification, Stucco wall needs fixing. Master bath toilet must function, Slider in family room must operate, Bedroom outlet cover needed, Garbage disposal outlet cover needed, Cracked...
For the past 3 months I have been showing clients what they wanted to see....homes requiring fixing, older, cheaper, short sales...etc.  I kept finding homes exactly as they requested and they always found reasons not to buy.  So today, I got brave and said to them, let me show you what I believe...
I just heard on the news that the deadline for getting your Stimulus Tax Rebate is Oct 10th.  So if you have not received yours I suggest you contact the IRS and investigate.  I know that $600 is a lot of money to me so get on it and get your money. Cheers.
Unfortunately that is what manny borrowers are now doing even though they are not in financial trouble.  Lets put ourselves in the borrowers frame of mind. Mr. Borrower has a Mortgage balance of $650,000.  He can still make his payments because his job is ok and he is still making good money.  He...
I recently read a blog titled "My Competition" by Paul Henderson.  After thinking about my comment, I wondered if any of you may be going through a depression state or went through one already.  Paul's blog is a very simple thought on how we seem to focus on fighting everyone else and forget abou...
I am doing my best to protect my clients but many Listing agents are not accepting offers unless the clients call their lender and get pre-approved.  The problem is that many of the lenders working with the listing agents are not just trying get pre-approvals, they are trying to steal the client ...
I seem to be getting lots of spam from people who are grabbing my email from my business cards that I leave at homes that I visit.  Most of the Spammers are from the business like inspectors, loan officers...etc.  So those I do not mind as much because its possible I may utilize their services.  ...
Are you getting tired of this starting sentence?  Everytime I wish to make an offer, I am getting static from the selling REO agent stating that we have to get "their lender" to approve it.  In many cases, their mortgage pre-approval loan officer has nothing to do with the selling institution, th...
I recently wrote a blogged titled "When Do You Order Your Home Inspection?".  As I read it, I realized that a better suited title for this blog would the title you see above.  So, for those of you who read my previous blog, you can disregard this one because it contains the same material.  I felt...


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