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In British Columbia, and throughout Canada, there are three things that will make it diffcult for you to find home insurnace.  To a home insurance company or to a lender these are considered 'red flag' issues.  They are:  Knob and tube wiring, a buried fuel oil heating tank, and vermiculite insul...
Are You Ready To Be A Real Estate Investor?It's no secret that investing in Nanaimo real estate has been the number one way to build wealth.  You know that it's possible to make money in real estate investing, but many people also have more questions and answers.Here are the answers to the most f...
If you own an older home in Nanaimo, one that was built in the late 1800s or early 1900s, you may have something called 'knob and tube' wiring and not even realize it.Like the name suggests, knob and tube wiring consists of insulated ceramic knobs that are attached to the wall studs or floor jois...
When you buy your new home in Nanaimo, like it or not you are also 'buying' your neighbors.Buyers always do home inspections to make sure that the house is free of defects, but a surprising number of people don't take the time to look at the people they will be living next door to.Here are some t...
Flipping homes in Nanaimo can be very profitable if you know how to do it right.  Here are a few tips on how to find the right homes to flip.First, establish a good working relationship with a lender , property inspector, handyman and a real estate agent.  Having a trusted realtor when it comes t...
Did you know that every year one out of five Canadians relocate, with British Columbia being one of the most attractive destinations?Some moves are made because of a job, others are done for family reasons, and many people decide to relocate to Nanaimo for a better quality of life.But there's a c...
If you're thinking about putting your home in Nanaimo on the market one of the things that you'll want to be sure to consider is home staging.  Every room has a purpose, and smart home sellers make it easy for buyers to imagine that they are already living in your home.At first glance, staging an...
Flipping your home in Nanaimo is a little different from the typical resale home in our market.One of the main reasons for this is when you flip a home you usually can use a 'blank slate' approach and make home renovations that will make it easier to sell your investment with an eye toward the wa...
With interest rates as low as they are now, are you wondering if it's time to buy a place of your own in Nanaimo?When you first decided to rent in Nanaimo instead of buy, you may have just started a new job and weren't sure how long it would last, you may have felt that you weren't making enough ...

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