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Fire insurance in Santa Clarita costs less than the national average. One thing that determines the cost of your insurance is the distance of your home from the fire department. It makes sense if you think about it: the closer your home is to the fire station, the faster they will be able to get ...
I just returned from the American Diabetes Association's annual convention. I am the president of the Diabetes Association in Santa Clarita and it was my pleasure to attend the convention.DiabetesĀ has becomeĀ an epidemic throughout the world and children are suffering the most from this. Many time...
I spent this past weekend in Chicago for the annual Diabetes Foundation meeting. Chicago is so different from my home in Santa Clarita, California, yet the people there are just as proud of their city as I am of mine. I had a chance to get to know some new people that are working hard in the figh...
I am part of the greatest community in the world, Santa Clarita. I have been blessed by being involved with some of the charitable groups that are an important part of the reason that Santa Clarita is such a special city. Tonight I was at a fundraiser for the Santa Clarita Valley Boys and Girls C...
I have some clients who are concerned about losing their insurance if they file a claim or even inquire about certain situations, such as water damage to their home. It doesn't seem right that someone would risk having their insurance cancelled if they have a small claim. Insurance is meant to be...
I was on my way to Central Park in Saugus for the Rotary Club's pancake breakfast. I stopped to pick up sausage and butter at Smart and Final over on Lyon's Avenue and had just got back into the car when another Rotarian called me. I answered my cell phone, didn't buckle up, and the next thing I ...

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