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My client Mike Thomas, owner of Thomas Graphics and a printer in North Hollywood, California, recently asked me about the coverage on his printing business. He has a lot of assets, including expensive printing equipment, so we took a closer look at his theft and property damage coverage. Another ...
In Santa Clarita, California there are many homes and condominums that are included in a homeowner's association. These associations have their own requirements for insurance, depending upon many factors. If you are involved in your local HOA and need insurance for liability or worker's compensat...
If my neighbor's tree falls on my house and I sustain damage to my roof, whose fault is it? This is a common question I am asked. The answer is that the insurance company considers this to be an 'act of nature' - no one's fault.You homeowner's insurance policy covers any damage to your roof done ...
Once you do not have a teenager or anyone under age 25 living at home, be sure to let your insurance agent know right away. You may be eligible for a rate reduction. If anything changes in your circumstances, talk to your agent and let them advise you on how you can save some money.
We have not had a major earthquake in southern California since 1994. So is now a good time to look into getting earthquake coverage? In California we have something called the CEA, which stands for California Earthquake Authority. All of the major insurance companies share the responsibility of ...
Even though it appears that there are more people logged in to AR during the day on Mondays through Fridays, it seems like they are more likely to comment on your blog if you post on the weekends. I guess that makes sense - people are busy during the week and even though they may take the time to...
If you had only moments to grab your most prized possessions, what would they be? That was the question many of us had to ask ourselves as fires swept through Santa Clarita two weeks ago. Most people would take photo albums and other personal momentos, but now that we are living in a digital era ...
Selling and servicing insurance in Santa Clarita, or anywhere for that matter, is a full time venture. If your homeowner's or auto insurance agent is just moonlighting by selling insurance you may be in for a surprise when you have a claim or want to renew your policy. Make sure that the person y...
I am a Farmer's Insurance agent in Santa Clarita, California. It is fairly easy for a homeowner to apply for and get a policy through Farmers or any other company here in Santa Clarita. But is it too easy?Many people do not realtze that it is a priviledge to have a good, solid insurance policy th...
Everyone seems to be aware that they need homeowner's insurance because it is required by the lender. But what about renter's insurance? The majority of people who are currently renting or leasing a home or condominium have not investigated the reasons for obtaining such a policy.If there is dama...

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I provide all types of insurance to people in the Santa Clarita Valley of California, but the most important thing I have to offer is my service. Contact me if you need a quote or just want to ask me specific questions about your policies.