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   What do these graphs mean? The number of homes sold in July is higher than July of last year and the number of homes available for sale is down. In July of 2011, we had 179 homes for sale as compared to 220 in July of 2011.   If there is more of a demand than there is a supply, prices go up as...
Recently, I had a buyer client ask me what cnko and cko mean.  You'll find these abbreviations in listings we send you.  In the top line of the image below you see the abbreviation Stat, which stands for status.  Each property has a status whether it's active (available) or under contract. Cont~t...
Recently, I had two clients call and tell me they had received a letter from a company offering to give them a certified copy of their deed.  They wondered if they needed to do that.  My answer here is much lengthier than the one I gave them. What is a deed?  The deed is a document that the selle...
  Nancy Rants About Blogging About the title of my blog.... The other evening I was working on a domain name for "my new outside blog".  I couldn't think of anything catchy or clever, so I enlisted the help of my friends on Facebook.  There were several suggestions but the top two are
If you're thinking about renting a home whether it's a condo, townhome or a detached home, here are a few things you should know. How much can I afford?  The rule of thumb is that your yearly income should be at least 40 times the rent.  So, if the rent is $1500/month, you should make at least $6...
I received Pink Boots and a Machete by Mireya Mayor as a gift and wasn't sure if I was interested enough to pick it up or that it would be any good.  Boy, was I surprised! Mireya Mayor was an NFL cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins and while in college became intrigued with learning about primates...
This post is about a vehicle.  That's right a vehicle.  I almost can't believe it myself but the more I think about it, I realize it's not really about the truck as much as it's about all that has happened in it. I bought this green Explorer in April of 1997.  My son was 7.  My daughter 10.  I to...
You're buying a home  The REALTOR or settlement agent asks "How would you like to take title?" You're thinking what the heck are they talking about?   Here's what they're talking about.... You buy a property with a friend.  Maybe you're buying an investment property or a condo at the beach.  You ...
Come out to Leesburg  and  commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11.     America's Foundation is putting together a ride that will start in Somerset, PA and end at the World Trade Center site. We here in Loudoun County are lucky enough to witness this fantastic event which will consist of over 18...
Recently, I was working with a buyer client who just didn't want to take his shoes.  We went into a home one Sunday that just happened to be open and the listing agent insisted he take his shoes off.  Long and short of it, he didn't go in to see the house. The listing agent said he was missing ou...

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