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YIKES !  Let's discuss all of these No's and turn them around! This industry has always survived on the 'X' amount of 'No's' before we come to a 'YES'!, let's keep that thought fresh in this market.  It's still a number's game.  We just have to count a bit faster! People need us more than ev...
When my course was finished and presented to the agents in my MLS, I was so happy to relate all of my education from the many books I studied, seminars I attended, blogs I read and, transactions (at that time there were only a handfull of actual short sales under my belt...but, I was going to tea...
What am I talking about?  The subprime market really just filled a gap in the equity position that we used to have to fill with our own (earned) dollars or, exchange dollars!  Since we are hindered with dwindling loan programs and prices, those 'used to have' dollars are few and far between!!!  S...
Ever done a seller carry? Graduated payments...varying interest payments?  An All Inclusive Note and Deed of Trust? Contract for deed? A Created Note? For those of us who have been around a bit in this world of real estate...polish off the old brain cells and get them working on this e...

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