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Staying on the Cutting Edge By: Dave LeGrand Months ago a bright young leader confided in me "I'm scared, I've hit a plateau in my life and quit stretching. I'm afraid I have reached my peak and have settled in." Why is it that some leaders reach a zenith then plateau or enter a period of declin...
Here's A List Of The Sessions I'll Cover At My All-Day Fast Track To Wealth Seminar Session I. Making Big Money With No Money Or Credit I'll show you where the big money is in real estate and how you can get it with NO money, credit or risk on your part. You'll see how some of my clients and I ma...
WANTED: Director of Sales & Marketing Seeking ambitious, smart, results-driven direct marketer! Broad-based knowledge of direct/online marketing trends essential to growing multi-million dollar real estate investment information marketing company. Duties include: Develop direct mail, telemarketin...
I’ve created a Dot Com Summit: Internet Marketing School for Beginners, and you won’t need to mortgage the house to participate. More information below. Building an online business is a step-by-step process. It’s not rocket science. You’ll go through each s.....
I've had many of my students tell me over the last few months they are afraid to take action and risk making a career-ending move or falling behind. While I would love to tell each of them, "Nah, don't worry about it. You'll be fine no matter what," that would be a lie.   Between my own mistakes...
  How you can start from scratch, do your first house deal within 30 days and pick up a check for at least $3,000 with zero out of pocket.     ▪         How you can make an easy $6,000 per month doing one little deal on houses that have almost n...
  If you are even thinking about buying or selling real estate this year get registered for the last FREE online training I’ll be doing tonight January 14th at 9:00 pm EST.  The last one filled up some of you got a little upset.  So get registered before it’s too late.  Go to the link below and g...
  Online Training Replay      As I suspected, we had an overflow crowd on Ron’s webinar last week. Some folks got downright upset based on some of the e-mails I received. They just couldn’t get on the training because we ran out of connections.   Well, I can’t get them to do it again live, but I ...
  There is more fear being spread daily than ever before and only YOU can decide to take charge of your thoughts and actions. There are traits that you must constantly remind yourself to be as a leader.   1. Be Grateful- for what you have and the good things in your life. Look around you and you ...
This is some of my students at my Seller Financing event i held in Jacksonville FL, playing my new Quick Turn Real Estate Game. This is a great game for learning, practicing and fun!

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