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Ginger Harper I am so happy that you and your family are considering the Southport/Oak Island area. As you are interested in Southport or Oak Island, I feel I must tell you that having lived in North Carolina all my life, I am very partial to this area and feel we live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Our temperature is moderate during the winter months, we always have a cool breeze off the ocean during the summer and housing is affordable. Southport has a small-town homey feel, and yet we have everything at our fingertips, from beautiful ocean and riverviews, to a historic downtown with quaint shops and lovely restaurants. On the outskirts of town, you can find several larger stores (Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Food Lion, etc), Movie Theater, and even more restaurants. Driving down Long Beach Road will take you to Oak Island which offers miles and miles of beach front property along the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches to relax on, as well as the Intracoastal Waterway. Other possibilities that you may want to consider are homes in St. James Plantation, The Landing, Indigo Plantation and the Smithville Woods/Marsh Creek subdivisions. They are all located in Southport with many properties having views of either the Cape Fear River or the Intracoastal Waterway. Helping people like you buy the property of your dreams is my pleasure. I can provide services that are above and beyond what you, as a buyer, can do. For example, I have a large amount of knowledge of the area, close contact with what is for sale and what are the best prices for the best properties, I also have a friendly support staff to help things move smoothly. These are only a few of the advantages. Please take a look at my achievements below... 1993 Multi-Million Dollar Producer 1994 Multi-Million Dollar Producer 1995 Multi-Million Dollar Producer 1995 The Sterling Society (From Coldwell Banker National) 1996 Multi-Million Dollar Producer 1996 The Sterling Society (From Coldwell Banker National) 1997 Multi-Million Dollar Producer (2+Million) 1997 Top Sales Associate-The International Sterling Society (From Coldwell Banker National) 1998 Top Listing Sales Associate (Over 5.2 Million 1998 Multi-Million Dollar Producer (Over 3.5 Million) 1999 Multi-Million Dollar Producer (Over 2.2 Million) 1999 The Sterling Society (From Coldwell Banker National) 2000 Multi-Million Dollar Producer (Over 3.8 Million) 2000 Top Listing Associated Award for the Company 2001 Multi-Million Dollar Producer (Over 3.7 Million) 2001 Diamond Society (From Coldwell Banker National) 2002 President's Elite Society (From Coldwell Banker National) 2003 President's Elite Society (From Coldwell Banker National) 2004 President's Elite Society (From Coldwell Banker National) 2004-Top Listing and Sales Agent for Coldwell Banker Sea Coast-Southport area 2005-International President's Elite Society (From Coldwell Banker National) 2005-Over 14 million in production Other Achievements and Awards: First Licensed in Real Estate in 1983 with a salesman's license. Commissioner with The Southeast Brunswick Sanitary District (1989-2001) Director of the Brunswick County Board of Realtor (1997) Member of the original Multiple Listing Board for Southport/Oak Island area (1986-1994) Member and officer of Trinity United Methodist Church in Southport, North Carolina Member of the SeaNotes Choral Society (1994-2006) Volunteer with Dosher Hospital 2001-2006 Over 2000 Hours in Volunteer Service ****Received the Star Award from the President of the Dosher Volunteers for 2001. "I believe in giving back something to the community that I know and love so well. So, I Volunteer in the Dosher Nursing Center every day during lunch to help those who cannot help themselves. I feel that the "one on one" contact with everyone who lives and works there is so heart warming and rewarding. I have made over 60 lap afgans over the past year and a half. These were made with love and concern for those who need that "special touch" from someone that cares." Member of Southport Women's Club (1994-2006) Consistent Top Listing Agent and Selling Agent from 1983 -2005 Top Lister in Dollar Volume with "Floyd Wickman Star Development Program (1990) Owned own Business in Real Estate from 1989-1993 (ERA SunLand Properties)



This taught me some stuff that I needed to knowGreat post and thanks for sharing..  Some Words of Wisdom for Millenials as Home Sellers Millenials are not just home buyers right now.  They are also home sellers.  And why wouldn't they be?  They reached adulthood around the turn of the century and...
 This has been a challenging Blog for me but I have enjoyed doing it. I have been a mentor to Mike Burton who is new in the business.  I have been with him on listing appointments and helped him get his first Listing. I introduced him to Open Houses and He has held 2 for me thus far.  He has been...
 This is a wonderful view of the Waterfront in Southport. This is where the filming of "Safe Haven" took place. WE are getting used to all of the Actors and Actressess coming to our quaint fishing village and making Movie that all enjoy. WE actually have shrimpers and fishermen to use Southport a...
 I have juse sent an email out to my listing because we have the 4th of July Tab that will be printed in the next 3 weeks. This Tab has a shelf life of about 3 months and will be in the resturants, grocery stores, novely stores etc.  So we get right much Bang for our Bucks on this one. I have lea...
WE have been dealing with this for a couple of years now...(thinking of 2005).WE had folks buying up lots on Oak Island for $220,000 and now their worth is only about $65,000.  I am finding it difficult to tell a buyer that they can only get $65,000 for a lot that they paid $220,000. I think that...
This is so true.  We need to help our sellers to NOT make these poor choices.. We  are the professionals that are trained to help them.   It seems as much as things in real estate change, some things seem to remain the same even though some change would benefit so many.   When it comes to listing...
Never thougth about it this way,.,.,but you are right.  Well maintained does not necessarily updated.      We are sometimes asked to list houses that may be a part of an estate...or for someone who is going to downsize, move to another part of the country to be with family members..assisted livin...
Too funny....Had to repost this one. Why did the real estate agent cross the road? To have a chat with Gladys Kravitz. For those of you who have no idea who I'm talking about, Gladys Kravitz was a mortal homemaker who lived across the street from Samantha, Darrin and Tabitha Stevens in the hit se...
May 25, 2015 11:19 AM  ...With silver bells and cocker shells ...           ...........and pretty maids all in a row..     These are beautiful, Yellow lilies that we bought from a young child selling them at church about 15  years ago.    Each year they bloom and grow...and we think of Lexi.    T...
Opening Day at the Bill Smith Park in Southport. HE IS SAFE! It was so much fun for us that were there.   I had two of my grandchildren playing at different times.  Joshua and Marissa are on the"Wolfpack Team"~NC State.  This year the  leaders decided that the teams would be ACC teams.  So we hav...

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