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Finding the right investment property can be immensely profitable for an individual. The best-case scenario is having long-term renters that take care of the property without very much contact. The home value of the home is sure to increase of the course of the years if the housing market in the ...
Many homeowners focus on preventing mold infestation, water damage, rot, and fire damage to their homes. However, an often overlooked issue that all homeowners want to avoid is premises liability. Being served with a complaint from a personal injury lawyer alleging negligence and liability for an...
Plenty of people are counting down the days until they can retire. You might be near retirement age and are considering relocating after you finally retire. Getting a loan is going to be far easier when you are employed so starting to look before you have retired is wise. In today’s world, you mi...
Your potential clients spend a great deal of time performing research on the internet before buying or selling property. If it’s not you providing the information they’re looking for, it could easily be one of your competitors. This is a simple way to highlight the importance of content marketing...
Building a small empire of rental properties, vacation homes, and other real estate investments is the dream of many couples. For those that have achieved this, it doesn’t mean that you are immune to relationship problems. Divorce is extremely common for all walks of life and over a few decades, ...
Selling or buying a home is never an easy task, even in the best of market conditions. And during the COVID19 pandemic, it’s become almost impossible. The U.S housing industry is currently on lockdown and new construction sales offices are empty or closed to the public. Property viewings and open...

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