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Your home should be considered an investment so adding to your home will help increase the value of this investment. Not all additions are great for a home but there are those that will increase value and quality of life simultaneously. Make sure that you have professionals handle the larger proj...
Building a new house after purchasing a piece of property can be an exciting and stressful time simultaneously. There could be land that is difficult to develop and some buyers underestimate the costs of clearing certain areas. Removing trees can cost thousands of dollars unless you have a specie...
The holiday property market is in freefall right now, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this situation isn’t going to last forever. Once travel restrictions are lifted, people will once again start booking holidays and business trips. And when they do, finding the right accommodation is likely...
Selling your home can be a stressful and exciting time simultaneously. The unknown aspect of this is what repairs a home inspector might find and whether you will get an offer at or above the listing price. The investment in a home is the largest investment that a majority of people make in their...
The process of selling a home can cause any number of feelings to arise. Excitement and sadness are common as a new adventure starts but homes hold so many memories. The focus then becomes selling the home for the most money possible as a great return on a home investment can yield huge financial...
It is a challenge for a realtor to successfully market a substantial property interest or an estate that has been under one family’s ownership for decades. Given the higher value of real estate, it is useful to approach it differently and use alternative marketing approaches to attract the right ...
The basement in some homes is a versatile space while other homeowners use it for storage. The ability to revamp your basement can increase the livable square footage of the home and the home’s resale value. The basement could be a great place for friends to gather or for a teen to finally receiv...
Investing in property to make a monthly income is common among couples that have saved money or have excess income. These properties simultaneously earn capital while increasing in value in the best circumstances. There are various options when you and your spouse decide to file for divorce. Liqu...

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