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Selling your home is going to be a stressful time period as you want to maximize your investment in your home. Getting offers at about the asking price can be additional money that you did not plan on having. The home inspection is going to occur after an offer has been accepted. The home inspect...
Reverse mortgages are a new type of loan available to people with the right qualifications. The reverse mortgage works by looking at the equity of your home and giving you a sum of money that can be spent. The best part? It doesn’t need to be paid back until you sell or leave the home permanently...
The home is the largest investment that a number of people make during their lifetime. The importance of maintaining a home is so you can get the best price possible. Not all renovations need to improve the price of your home as some simply might be a boost to your current lifestyle. Assessing wh...
Home inspections are a vital part of selling a home that can make or break a home. The worst thing that can happen is getting an offer well over the asking price only to have to pay thousands to repair unknown damage. Water damage is a perfect example as you might not notice it in a certain part ...


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