I recently audited the Certified Distressed Properties class.  What was that??  Well it was a 12 hr. class that gave me more expertise in working with a homeowner in pre-foreclosure.  How does a person end up in a situation that the owe more on their house than they can sell it for?  There are se...
I had a client party last Saturday at my house.  We had cinnamon rolls and coffee for the ladies I had helped in real estate.  It was a small turn out, but we had a very nice time.  I also heard from several ladies that were not able to make it so my effort was worth it.  I think that the next ac...
Last week I attended a short seminar on how to help your client stage their home before listing it.  The people putting on the seminar have developed a great little DVD that you can loan or give to your clients to help them get their house ready.  It covers preparing the front of the house for th...
I have never used an outside business to gain business.  Most all my business has come by referral.  Has anyone had sucess with using one of those businesses you sign up with and you either pay for the referrals or you only pay if you close on a house?  I would love to hear that they are sucessful. 
I was struck recently regarding the pros and cons of listing your home during the holidays.  Do you go through the hassle of getting it ready for not only Christmas, but also people coming through or do you wait until January to list it?  I had that question asked me last week by a client.  Well,...
I recently earned my CRS designation.  I would say that this was a great investment of time and money as the classes were fantastic.  I would reccommend anyone thinking about starting down that road to go for it.  Space out the classes so you don't take too big a hit financially, but do it.  You ...
I have been a realtor for 3 years now.  I started with "100 Days to Greatness" with Buffini and Company within the first month.  I have been using the concepts and have worked by referral now for 3 years.  So far about 80% of my business comes to me by referral or repeat business.  I stay in touc...

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