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Take-aways from our recent California Association of Realtors Mid-winter meetings. From NAR President-elect Moe Veissi - Six of the past eight recessions have ended due to increasing strength in the housing market. The other two were due to wars. That seems like an easy choice. We need to get beh...
In yet another sign of the end times, it was reported today that the SEGA video game company, (remember SEGA!), is introducing a new product onto the market called Toylets. Yep, that's right. They mount sensors in the basin and put a video screen at eye level for a series of games based on streng...
Murrieta men agree to prison in fraud case The headline was exciting yesterday when news of our long-time resident scam artists started to trickle out. The authors of a $142 million dollar ponzi scheme & investment fraud have been in jail awaiting this moment for the past 1 1/2 years and now sta...
The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association just published a report responding to Jerry Brown's budget proposal. If you listened to his speech and read the copy, you'll notice a few items Jerry has omitted from his request for cuts - namely his old buddies in the public employees unions. Oh, there's ...
Friday's Wall Street Journal contained an interesting article entitled 'The Airlines Discover 'Content''.  The article begins, "Air travelers are asked to pay for everything nowadays. So goes a common complaint, though the natural rejoinder is that passengers always paid for everything. Today a t...
Great article in the Politico yesterday entitled 'Realtors' effort could be next wave in fundraising'  A year ago this week, the Supreme Court freed corporate America to fully engage in campaigns, prompting dire predictions that Big Oil, Wal-Mart or even foreign firms would suddenly flood the pol...
The City of Temecula has several programs in place to assist your clients, existing homeowners and prospective homeowners. Starting with their First Time Home buyer Program - designed to help people who have not owned a home in the previous 3 years. If you're buying a home but need some repairs t...
SACRAMENTO - A Citrus Heights computer hacker pleaded guilty to seven felony charges for breaking into hundreds of women's e-mail accounts, the sort of identity theft crime that Californians should take steps to protect themselves against, according to Attorney General Kamala D. Harris. "This cas...
Move over Feng Shue, look out Wabi Sabi,  there's a new process home buyers and sellers are turning to in an effort to make sure a property is livable - spirit cleansing. I kid you not.  We've always known that some homes appear to be haunted - heck I own a 120 year old home myself that some folk...
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