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What happened to all of the useful info that used to be here? It looks like all of you are turning this into a MLS listing site instead of a message board. If I want to see what is for sale in an area I just go to
Hello, Do any of you offer home buyer seminars? What has your attendance been like? Do you think it would help to attract more prospects if you could give them $500 in free groceries or gas? I am looking to partner with agents that offer these seminars for home buyers in the Central Florida area....
I took my truck in to have the tires rotated yesterday. I joked with the service manager that this would be the last time they would have to do it since I was going to get new tires next month. I gave them my keys and off I went to the mall to pass the time while they worked on my truck. I came b...
Are you in the market for a new home in Florida? If so you can reduce your long term costs by following a few simple recommendations. 1. Only look at homes that were permitted after March 1 2002 in all areas except for Miami-Dade County. In Miami-Dade county look at homes that were permitted afte...
I recently started using a e-mail magazine to reach out to past clients. The magazine is updated on a monthly basis. I send all of my past clients an e-mail each month with a newsletter that has a feature story from that months issue of the magazine.
I have been shopping for a new IPAQ 111 or 211 over the last couple of days. I found a 111 on E-Bay for about 255 with tax. Before I clicked on that final commitment button I wanted to search one more time. During that search I found a link that said I could get a 25% rebate on the item if I foll...
Hello,   I am Greg Bell with Bell Inspection Service. I am a home inspector working the Central Florida area. I am looking for agents to exchange web links with. This is a link to one of my referral pages.    Thank you for your time.    

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