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Okay, it's December.  Did I meet my goals for 2009, I did not!!! why not, I ask myself.  Did I do all the things I should have done to pay off my mortgage and go to Ireland, which is my dream. No, I could have done better, I could have aimed higher.  I could have shut the door to my office...
Thankful for the ability to have my own business Thankful to have the freedom to live in America Thankful to have my family all together Thankful to have a Nephew just return from Iraq, SAFELY Thankful for friends Thankful for my health, God gave me a miracle, I was diagnosed the Kidney Cancer, k...
What are your Goals for 2010....what you don't have them yet, you don't know what they are???  Well aim high.  Get you mind around your business.  Figure out that no one, not anyone will get in your way.  Beginning December 1st, your life is beginning anew.  Your goals begin when all the other ag...
You know what, for some people it is easy to time block, for others, life gets in the way.  Went to a seminar the other day, the best information I received and keep with me every day, is that after Power Hour in the mornings, we should have time set aside to do our Lead Generation.  I say should...
The last few months are exciting because Power Hour at Keller Williams is a motivating morning for all who participate.  If you are not participating in your Market Center, or in your firm.  At 8:30 a.m. we all meet in the training, find out what's new, listings, general tell me something good. a...
Well, the information is located on my web, go to agent, enter my name and my web page will be the next thing you see.  If you are interested in a business career that will change your life, give me a call I will arrange for you to receive a phone call that will give you all the informati...
Hi: Well Open Houses are starting to bring in the nice folks that like the spring weather.  It is much like the boating industry.  I am a Yacht Broker in Annapolis, along with my Realty work.  The boat shows are the most fun for everyone who likes to look at Million Dollar Boats, the decor, etc. ...
Hi all, Just had out team meeting and saw a brief video on sharing the light.  We have it featured in our kw site.  It's all about caring for each other, being concerned about your fellow associates.  Keller Williams in a wonderful place to work.  We profit share here, so we have over 2,000,000 r...

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