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What's going on in Monroe and the surrounding areas? Find info about the local market in Ouachita Parish, LA, including Monroe, West Monroe, Swartz, Sterlington, and Calhoun. Tips on buying and selling. Homes for sale. Local events and happenings.
You may not know it, but people are moving to Monroe, LA, all the time! I recently met a new family who will be moving here soon to a new job. They are looking forward to new adventures in Monroe, but their move is a little more complicated because they have baby TWINS, plus an adorable 2-yr. old...
Saturday, Oct. 31, you can get rid of household hazardous materials at the Ike Hamilton Expo Center in West Monroe, LA.From 9am to 1pm, residential materials will be accepted, no commercial items or chemicals. Clean out the garage & boxes of old stuff such as acids, aerosol cans, arsenic, auto pr...
BIG NEWS!  Watch for details coming soon about a special, invitation-only event with discounts for my friends and customers at one of the area's largest electronics and appliances dealers. The store will be closed  to the public for this special event, so you can expect to receive excellent servi...
The University of Louisiana at Monroe is known for several outstanding academic areas: pharmacy, nursing, aviation, etc. But, to be honest, you can find these curricula in many colleges and universities around the country. How many universities, though, are tops in WATERSKIING?      ULM's water s...
In Louisiana, September usually has 90+degree temps. We've had a little reprieve lately that leads me to the hope that fall may be coming soon. During this week's "rain event" in which the Monroe/West Monroe area has received 2" of rain per day since Saturday, the temperatures have been lower tha...
Those of us who live in the Monroe area are sometimes guilty of going to another city to find "something to do." If you take the time to look, you'll find that there's plenty of good entertainment right here in your own back yard! Gayle Causey, 318-614-5615Relocation SpecialistKeller Williams Rea...
We shall never forgetWe shall keep this day,We shall keep the events and the tearsIn our minds, our memory and our heartsand take them with us as we carry on.
A wonderful golfing event is coming up soon! It's the 3rd Annual Golf Classic at Frenchman's Bend. See details below. You can also find out more at these websites:   and Register now and HAVE A GOOD TIME! Gayle Causey, 318-614-5615Keller Williams Re...
You probably know by now that I like to keep up with the real estate market in Ouachita Parish. After all, that's my JOB!  I want to know how we're doing. The news from every media source will lead you to believe that the housing market is terrible, but that's not the case in Monroe, West Monroe,...
Did you know? Starting with your 2009 return, you will be allowed deductions for private school tuition and supplies on your Louisiana state income tax return. Home schooling parents can deduct the cost of supplies and public school parents can deduct the cost of uniforms. See details at http://r...

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