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This blog is dedicated to the dissemination of information about Real Estate specific contact management and CRM software.
Do you use your CRM for just contact related things, or do you also use the Property/Transaction section? There are many benefits to it so if you don’t already, you should consider using it. It always amazes me how few people do. And far less use transaction management plans.  Most people think o...
Do you know exactly where all of your business comes from, in detail, such that you can use it to identify your strengths and weaknesses and evaluate your advertising spending?   For the purposes of this article we are talking about non-referral business such as ad calls, sign calls, open house v...
So because you have a Web based CRM everything is hunky dory and you have no worries with regards to the safety of your data right? For the most part that is absolutely true. As always though, nothing is quite black and white. Generally speaking, Web based CRMs are safer for your data than deskto...
Part 1 will deal with Desktop CRMs. Part 2 will deal with Web based CRMs. Let’s be clear on what we’re talking about. Using the words database, backup and export is a little abstract. In more meaningful terms, we are talking about your livelihood. We are talking about your inventory. You’ve spent...
Things that will take time: Start with the contacts. Make sure all of them have a first and last name and at least an e-mail address or phone number. Optimally each contact with whom you have done or hope to do business with should have a source (Homes and Living, not ad call; a referral name if ...
What can a CRM do for you? If you use a powerful enough CRM, it can become the core of your business allowing you to be far more efficient, effective, creative, and organized than anyone can possibly be without one. No matter how good your paper lists are, or how organized you are, it is literall...
The decision to buy and use a CRM worth using is a little like getting married. You don’t go into it thinking “I’ll give it a shot and see what happens”. If you’re not committed to it, break it off. You may not get your heart broken but at least you won't waste your time and money. Before you eve...
There are many reasons an agent should have a good CRM, but what is rarely talked about is the role one plays in the sale of your business. Have you thought about selling your business? Is it in your long term plans? If so, do you have a CRM? If you don’t, what are you going to sell? A spreadshee...
My apologies for these annoying posts, but I'm doing research and need the help of the many people who follow me here and elesewhere. This will probably be the last one like it for a long time. So now I need printed documentation that dates to pre-2000 for Intelitouch or Coldwell Banker’s Persona...
I am doing some more research and need your help. I am authorized to offer $100 for anyone who can provide a physical/paper manual for either of the following: 1)      Top Producer System 6 or 6i that is pre 2000. 2)     

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This blog is dedicated to the dissemination of information about Real Estate specific contact management and CRM software.