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This blog is dedicated to the dissemination of information about Real Estate specific contact management and CRM software.
It can all be summed up in one word – PATIENCE. NOTE: When I write, I am opinionated, like to shoot straight and I don’t like mincing words. As a result I tend to be a little blunt. Some people like that and some people don’t. If you don’t, please take my style with a grain of salt. I am much les...
I've known Albert Clark since August 2003 when he approached me with a question about Agent 2000 for one of his clients. At the time he had started My HomeOwners Club which was a great idea, and the genesis of HomeActions. After that it was Real Ping which I still use. He has always had great ide...
Purchase 8i plus the choice of a Smartphone App. (iPhone or Blackberry) for only $41.95/month! Or 8i only for $35.95/mo. OFFER EXPIRES August 31st, 2011 PLEASE READ - Important Details: Offer valid for NEW 8i subscriptions or reactivations of 8i subscriptions closed a minimum of 30 days only This...
It used to be Outlook. Now it is common to hear people saying Google apps will do the trick for CRM for Real Estate agents. I have no doubt that it is sufficient for some people, as is Outlook. My caveats for Google apps being sufficient are much the same as they have always been for Outlook in c...
  Mac users check this out! IXACT Contact is one of the few real estate CRM systems that works beautifully with all Apple products.  IXACT runs perfectly on the Mac using the Safari browser; it works like a dream on the iPad (and all non-Apple tablets too), and syncs like a pro with the iPhone. ...
A new tab is now appearing on the contact screen in Advantage Xi. It's called "Social Media". Clicking on it allows you to view the contact's Facebook or Twitter account with a few simple clicks. You no longer have to get out of your CRM to check out their FB or Twitter page. If you get a call fr...
I am trying to find the best way to follow up with prospects, be they from a Web site, open house, ad call, sign call, or whatever. They could be an e-mail drip campaign or a letter campaign. Or they could be a set of plans that include both, as well as phone calls being included. But they have t...
Let me be clear that the following solution, Advantage Xi is not right for everyone. That's why I offer over 25 different CRM solutions for Realtors. This just happens to be the one that suits my personal needs the best. If the following describes your needs as well, then maybe you should take a ...
I just got a DroidX and I'm looking for apps. I would appreciate it very much if would share what you are using.
This is not a new or unique idea, but if you have never heard of it, you may want to consider doing it. Each year, at the very beginning of the year, I send an e-mail to everyone who bought or sold a home through me. That e-mail basically says "If you need a copy of your HUD-1, I'll be happy to g...

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This blog is dedicated to the dissemination of information about Real Estate specific contact management and CRM software.