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 Types of VA Loans in Oklahoma and FAQOklahoma has the same va loan options as all other states. For example, you can build a home with a va loan, buy a home with a va loan, and renovate a home with a va rehab loan.VA loans in Oklahoma typically require 0 down and don't have private mortgage insu...
Colorado is a beautiful state with breathtaking views and nature. It's a great place to call home and roughly 400,000 Veterans live there because of the benefits. There are 6 Military bases there, thriving cities like Denver, and a wide array of activities to enjoy like skiing, hiking, and sports...
VA Loan in California processWith most lenders va loans work the same and everything starts with you being honorably discharged from Military service or active duty and having met the service requirements. You'll have full entitlement for your first VA loan and secondary entitlement upon subseque...
Florida VA Loan RequirementsVA loans in Florida are similar to VA loans in all states and so are the requirements. The GI Bill of Rights created VA loan benefits. The VA loan benefit is for active duty service members and Veterans who served at least 90 days continuously. Surviving spouses can al...
Georgia-specific VA loan requirements and va loan entitlement Must have a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). A COE is a document issued by the VA that proves you are eligible for a VA loan. You can apply for a COE online or by mail. Must have a good credit score. The VA does not have a minimum cre...
How Does an Oregon VA Home Loan Work?An Oregon va loan works just like a Texas VA loan or va loan in any state. The Department of Veterans Affairs makes this possible and sets the guidelines for Lenders all over the United States. Often times States have additional support for Veterans and active...
Buying a house in Texas for Veterans and active-duty servicemen and servicewomen generally follows a similar sequence of steps as in other states. Throughout this blog when we use the word Veteran it will be representative of both retired Military Veterans, active duty service members, and reserv...

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