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What do you think of the $8,000 Tax Credit offered and if you believe it made a difference in selling more than normal homes amount of during this huge economic slump?    Personally, the majority of my buyers were first timers and had the ability to use the credit, but in each of their cases it w...
I've been reading articles and speaking with Realtors all over the country lately and it seems as though the general attitude is better than it was at the beginning of the year. Houses seem to be selling, but at slightly less than they should be. There is still an imbalance between available home...
  Above everything else, please remember, there is no magic wand to sell your home in a day.  It is going to take time, effort and perseverance by you and your Realtor®.  The real key question is, how is your house going to stand out compared to all of the others in the same price range and locat...
 I am continually amazed by the lack of importance put on the appearance of a house when potential customers are allowed to view it.  I went to a grand opening this weekend and found models where the floors were not swept.  The A/C was not on.  The problem is I see it all the time.  To me it's li...
  It is amazing how the real estate buying and selling market has changed in the last 3 years.  It, as we all know has gone from a sellers market where people had to up bid to get the house they liked to having so many choices they do not know where to start looking.  I find the analytical path t...
I spent the majority of my life in Florida.  I know its politics and its people.  It is a great state. I probably would never have moved, except for one day, 15 years ago, my brand new truck broke down outside of Augusta, Georgia and was forced to stay here for a week.  Looking back at it now, it...
I would like to take a poll as to how many of you have used lead services in the past and how many currently use them.  It is amazing to me all the varied opinions there are out there.  Some people I speak with are dead set against them others deal there is a place for them, if you can find the r...
  It is wonderful at this point in our real estate market cycle.  There are those who groan and moan about how terrible the current market is.  There are those who will scramble to do whatever to get a deal, especially those who came on when it was a sellers market.  Now there is work and sales a...
I have been noticing that there seems to be more blogs than blog responses.  Is it that we write to chatter as a squirrel does or are we trying to evoke thought and or response?  I challenge those who use this form of communication to go beyond the day to day.  Elicit, evoke, involve those around...

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