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If we can be of help with your questions, let us know. Having built in excess of an estimated 1,400 homes we have more than likely dealt with most questions you might have.
Well, 2009 has begun and we started off with a flurry of interest in our homes. Some of the interest was generated by our offer to lease purchase our existing home inventory but interest rates under 5% seem to be having some effect as well. Hope the interest continues as we move into the selling ...
Our company, Brown Midwest are builders and developers in a small community just outside metropolitian Kansas City named Gardner, Kansas. This small rural city is located in Johnson County which is affluent and proud to have some of the best schools in the nation. This sleepy (but soon to awaken)...
Well, its another day in the real estate business here in Kansas City. 10 degress outside, snow on the ground and freezing weather forecast to return tomorrow. I would like to say that business is slow but its really non existant and has been for several months. This down turn has lasted so long ...
I was recently asked about a "normal market". Well, it would be the exact opposite of what we're dealing with currently. :-) A balanced market can be described as an equal number of sellers and buyers who are ready willing and able to buy. Most markets are not static and tend to move around such ...
    When will the real estate business get back to normal? We probably all ask ourselves that every day. I've been in the real estate business for over 30 years which ....... could actually indicate my lack of intelligence. But I happen to believe the United States is poised for a mild to strong ...
We represent several banks in the Johnson County, Kansas dealing with foreclosed properties. There are some very good deals for your buyers which include brand new single family homes as well as condo units located in Shawnee, Olathe, Lenexa as well as Wyandotte County. We also have homes in Gard...
Thought I would make an additional comment to the last blog I sent this morning. I am thankful that I have a great family including my son, Mike and younger son, Jason. Both are in this crazy business and have become hard working men who take care of their family and their business. Thats one gif...
As I wrote yesterday, blogging is new to me but from the response received from "well wishers" it seems like a good way to begin the day and share ideas. Our business continues to be down or should I say non-existant. Wondering how many land developers are members here and how they're handling th...
This is new to me so forgive me for being amazed at the the response I received after joining just yesterday. We have been in the real estate business for over 30 years and while I am a little computer literate I have not used blogs. I'm hopeful this works out as we move towards a new year and ho...
We are seeking personal contact information for lenders such as Countrywide, Wells Fargo and other lenders responsbile for foreclosed properties which are not being properly cared for. These homes are affecting the values of other homes in neighborhoods and we're not sure lenders know what's happ...

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