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The first thing I saw was the ledger board did not support the whole deck. Second thing no flashing to prevent water from entering the house. I started probing the wood with my screwdriver and almost lost it a few  times due to wood rot that was present. Then started shooting it with the infrare...
  This retaining wall is failing due to hydrostatic pressure. Be sure to find out who is responsible for the retaining wall? This can be a very expense repair. This wall was about 7 ft height and 50 ft long, the repair bill would be thousands of dollars. Make sure your client is not the one that ...
The missing knockouts on this main electric service panel box are exposing the main lugs. Which are live all the time, because wires coming from the meter base which is coming from the utility company. This situation is very dangerous, I all ways call out missing knockout because the hot bus is ...
I recently had a inspection on a FSBO house other day. I got to the house about half hour early and introduced myself to the couple who owned the house. The wife looked and acted nervous asking if I pass or fail houses I inspect, I told her I report on present condition of the house and do not pa...
Windows frames need to be protected from the weather. Either with paint or caping to stop weather from getting at the wood and causing dry rot of the wood frames.
Poor ventilation to this attic is reason for this vegetative growth on the wood.  
Pipes should be strapped every 4 ft for support.  

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