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Positive thoughts and ideas about real estate and working through and with this changed market. Experience, education, service and results. That will be your win! Life is too short, enjoy yourself, everyday!



With the increase in this fee, coming April 18th, what do you believe will happen to the market? Will people still be buying homes, because it is spring market?  Yes, I believe they will.  They may now, qualify for less of a mortgage, but, they will still be buying homes.  The Sellers may need to...
Do you remember when this occurred, a few years ago?  Remember what we did?  Ten gallons at a time. If everyone who purchased gas for their vehicles, only purchased ten gallons, each time they filled up, it would help to keep the price down.  The theory is that keeping the gas filled in your vehi...
When you start becoming busy, you become busier?  The phone rings more, the clients buy more and more listings come your way.  It's so true!  Being successful, will bring you more success.  Doing your daily activities will bring you the business.  Be consistent, stay on course and this year will ...
For those of you who have never heard or seen, Brian Buffini in person, this is your opportunity if you are located near Dallas, Texas.  He will be there for two days, along with Joe Niego, the BlitzMaster. If you would still like to attend, just go to the website and register, or give them a cal...
I was out early, to run errands, this morning.  Freezing, snowing and really, windy!  I wore a light jacket, because of the last week's warm weather.  Surprise!  Winter has returned. Showed a few properties to my clients, and they were surprised, too.  We were certainly spoiled by the few days of...
I hope that you have plans to celebrate the "love holiday." with someone who is special to you, this year.   The sun is shining, snow is melting (finally) and spring is just weeks away.  That alone, is a good reason to celebrate. Wear your red clothes today!  Show that the love bug has found you!...
Not sure where to go with that one, special transaction?  Should you let it, just die? When in doubt, I ask myself these few questions?       What are the reasons why it is not working out?       Are my clients frustrated and unhappy? That last question, is the reason for either staying with it, ...
One of my client's is working her way, through a refinance.  This used to take, about, three weeks.  Not any more!  True, there are unusual circumstances.  Well, maybe...   Here's the deal.  They were refinancing through a mortgage broker.  All along, working towards a conventional refinance.  Th...
With every year, it seems that more and more product and ideas, come about for the St. Valentine's Day holiday.  The favorite colors, for this holiday, are still red and pink.  The good news is, that some of your leftover things from the Christmas holiday, can be used for St Valentine's Day.    C...

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