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What is the best way to approach someone about a 'Reverse Mortgage'? I have spoken to several people and they are very interested, but I was not the initiator of the conversation. It's kinda hard telling someone "hey, you look 62 or over, how much equity do you have in your home" There has to be ...
Individuals living and working in Frisco can have the city of Frisco pay their closing costs, up to 10,000. The home has to be valued at $130,000 or less, which is probably the hardest part of the transaction.... finding a home in Frisco for under $130K. Interest rates have steadily declined in t...
If you have a client who is a teacher/ firefighter/ or police officer then make yourself aware of the HUD programs allowing them to receive 50% off of the price of their home. This program has been in place for a while now but never gets a mention. The 'teacher next door' program is FHA insured a...
Looking to refinance or purchase? Now is a great time for both. 30 yr Conventional purchase loans are at 6.125 while 15 yr. is coming in much lower at 5.125. Now, if you choose to go FHA you are looking at 30 yr @ 5.625 and 15 yr @ 5.00. This is just a snapshot of today's rates and could change q...
If anyone has paid any attention to the Mortgage rates in the last week you will probably agree with me. I have gone from 'hero' to 'zero' in no time. My clients are wanting to gamble too much and not pull the trigger and allow me to lock in a rate. They (rates) are very low at the moment... as i...
I guess I'm not completely sold on this site yet. Someone please respond so that I know that anyone can read this.

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