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If you are looking for Frisco, TX homes for sale, you've find the right Texas real estate agent! Buying or selling a Texas home should be a fun and exciting experience. I live in Frisco and work there as a Texas real estate agent and Realtor. Your success is my focus.
When you are searching for a home without a real estate agent representing you, it  is like turning down free medical care from a proven expert. Yes having a real estate agent represent you as a buyer typically comes at no cost to you. Yes that means it is free to you as the buyer. This is true f...
Many people still assume that when talking about Frisco Football it must be about the 49ers. Well Frisco, Texas has some football of their own. In fact just this past weekend Frisco Texas hosted the NCAA FCS Championship game.  This is the championship of NCAA Division I football. While not the S...
According to NAR, the first step for 42% of home buyers was to look for properties on the internet. In addition 14% of home buyers looked online for more information about the home buying process. Also 92% found the internet useful in their home search.  Based on these numbers why would you not w...
2014 is here and the question is are you ready? Are you ready to get your share of what 2014 has to offer? Are you ready to take on the personal and professional challenges coming your way?  It's time to wake up and get your focus set on executing all those plans you have been making. If you ever...
Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year filled with Peace and Prosperity. May the beginning of your next day, week, month and year mark the start of even better things yet to come. Make it a great 2014!
Many people do not understand what a good Realtor® does for you when selling a home whether that be in Frisco Texas, San Jose California or Tampa Florida. When you think about it what is so hard about selling a home in a seller's market? I mean really all a Realtor does it get you into the MLS an...
Don't Fear The RE Agent You want to buy or sell a home and yet you still fear that real estate agent. What is it that you actually fear? Oh yes that's right we are sales people. Those people that won't leave you alone and pressure you until you give in and force you to do something that you reall...
Open Houses One of my goals this year is to continue to host open houses in Frisco Texas. In fact, I will be hosting an open house at least 18 times from today till July 1. That is my schedule. Now I do not usually host my own open houses but I will when necessary. Regardless of whether the house...
While many of us will get to spend our holiday and new year's celebration with our family and friends, take time to remember all of our service men and women who will not have that privilege. I hope this time next year there are fewer of them in harms way and many more of them safe and sound with...
I received a wonderful call from an AR contributor asking about the closing gifts I give to my clients as I made a comment on another member's post (whom I forget right now.) There is no set gift and I don't always make them but there are times when I do. This is a hobby of mine and while I have ...

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Your Success is My Focus!
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Buying or selling a home should be a fun and exciting experience. While for most of us this involves the largest investment of our lives, reducing the stress and knowing what comes next can ensure you have a great experience and make this transaction a success. Your success is my focus.