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I am in the process of selling a property and have noticed that a lot of realtors stopped using my home inspection services during the time I have had it listed. Sad, but I can not use all 600+ realtors that I know and work with. The one I am using isn't that good but doesn't judge . A lot of the...
Exerp from an upcoming article from an interview I did.. Real estate agents and brokers will try just about anything to gain a competitive edge in the industry. With a constant stream of modern technology hitting the market, agents and others in the real estate field are finding new and innovativ...
I Inspected a home last week that touted a new roof, as many do. Good selling point ,but make sure it was installed properly. This is what I found below that new roof.  Thats right, they moved the vent pipe off of the water heater. The unit was in a closet near the bedroom in a manufactured home....
We've got your home under contract to sell and the buyer's inspector comes through.  Then the inevitable happens: the buyer's agent sends over a list of repair requests.  Seriously, you didn't expect the home inspector to not find anything at all did you?? Now if we're fortunate, you've kept you...
Nice article Jay,I use my infrared thermal camera on every inspection and know well that it is supplemental to what can be observed or tested from the other side. Knowing how to use the tool properly is important, in many cases things are not as they may seem. Used properly it is a great tool. Yo...
I noticed that a fridge was abnormally hot between the freezer and the fridge the other day, the free recall check I provide for my clients verified there were problems with that model. Looks like it may not cost the sellers or the buyers :)
  Ever run across a property that is a little different than expected? Of course, we all do from time to time.  Yesterday was one of those days. I went to inspect a house that I was told was being rented out as a duplex and had already been inspected, they just wanted more information about the r...
3 Must-Do Home Inspections Before Listing Your Home "Oh, my house is in perfect condition! I have annual maintenance performed on everything ‘mechanical’ in my home and take care of any issues right away. I don’t NEED an inspection – it’s a waste of money!” Agents hear this from homeowners to wh...
     I have had a slow week, and figured that some of the many new low-balling inspectors are taking some of the market share. Turns out I was probably right. I had an listing agent call me earlier in the week because the deal fell through for her sellers, due to an inaccurate inspection report. ...
Thanks for the info Jay, I have found that my infrared thermal camera proves to be an invaluable tool for inspections. It is the main tool in my box. New Construction - and a double-pane glass bull's eye.  I have had double-pane glass bull's eye blogs before, but never one with sliding glass door...

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