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Your bedroom is your inner sanctum, a quiet haven for intimacy and reflection.  Since the bedroom is a private space, it invites both introspection and expression.  Here is where to surround yourself with things you love-color, art, textiles-to begin and end each day by a room that feeds your sou...
The village land of Saugerties was obtained from the Esopus Indians on April 27, 1677, for the price of a piece of cloth, a blanket, some coarse fiber, a loaf of bread, and a shirt. The village was incorporated in 1831 as "Ulster," and changed its name to "Saugerties" in 1855.On February 7, 1891,...
The word texture derives from a Latin word meaning to weave.  Every material or medium has its own essential character.  Fiber and wood are warm and nurturing while glass is clean and utilitarian, providing a platform for color.  Stone is strong and stable, metal cool and decorative while clay is...
I never liked having a birthday in January-too close to Christmas.  Not that I celebrate Christmas and I don't get gifts for Hanukah either.  Too old, 8 days, too expensive.  But the stores are always ravaged by the time it's my birthday and all the good stuff is definitely picked over. Well, not...
Attention! Attention! All First Time BuyersBuying a house and transforming it into a home, is no easy feat.  Especially the first time around. You’ve come from a rental or maybe owned someplace smaller, and while lucky and grateful to be in your new place, OVERWHELMED is also the operative word....
Chess is an ancient game of strategy and power. It is based on geometrical and mathematical purities, making it one of the most elegant games ever conceived. And yet, it is a contest, and as with any conflict, the battle rages back and forth as two opponents struggle for dominance. This combinati...

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