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Want an honest answer to your mortgage questions? Contact me anytime! Thank you, Frank Mancino
Ok, so rates drop, and the refi calls start coming in earnest. What's the first thing the typical Loan Originator does? Forgets about the Real Estate Agent. Classic mistake, yet I see it all the time in our industry. If you are a full time Realtor working your butt off in this market, the last th...
I am contemplating joining a service that will allow potential buyers to request information to be texted to them from a sign rider. Is there anyone using this service, and if so is it working? Can you share some information with me on it? Also, are you partnered with a lender on the system?   Th...
Yesterday, one of my long term and trusted referral sources asked me the question "What the hell is going on in the mortgage market?". She told me she lost 2 closings (not with me, thank goodness) on Friday due to the mortgage company. You know when I get this type of question, my first reaction ...
I'm not much of a blog man. But I do like to say what's on my mind.. The Truth Is..I like what i do. I'm tired of listening to Real Estate "people" say how hard the business is. Of course it's hard. that's why we're professionals!! Can you design a building? Not if you didn't have an engineering ...
Has this happened to you? If not, it probably will soon!! Your customer has a written Pre-Approval from a good and reputable lender. After a nice slow search, and taking lots of your time, they find a house they really like. They make an offer, the seller counters, they all agree on a fair price....
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the Mercer County NJ Association of Realtors for honoring me with the 2007 Affiliate of the Year Award!!. This is the first time the Board has ever given this award!! I am so grateful to be recognized as an integral part of the real estate market...
By now you have probably heard about areas being designated as "decining markets" with respect to mortgage financing. Fannie Mae has determined that certain counties (or towns) in certain states (or the whole state) are considered declining markets. FNMA automaticall reduced the maximum loan to v...
In the minutes, hours and days after a rate cut, the phone calls come fast & furious. What does this mean for mortgage rates? Should I refinance? What is the rate now? Should I refinance? How come mortgage rates did not come down yet? Should I refinance now?Before I continue, pls note that I have...
There's no reason to be confused in this "new mortgage market" we find ourselves in. Experienced Loan Officers, like myself and many others, have always understood the market and have worked hard to deliver the highest quality service our Realtors and attorneys, and thier clients deserve. Yes, th...
I've been in the mortgage origination business for over 20 years, and it still amazes me that our industry continues to hire un professional and unknowledgable people. I make it a point to educate my business partners, co workers, and clients about the benefit of working with a quality company wi...

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Want an honest answer to your mortgage questions? Contact me anytime! Thank you, Frank Mancino