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       I am not making this up, we have shown property 10 out of the last 14 days and submitted two contracts so far. This is supposed to be the SLOW time, no complaints, the Summer time kind of stunk. We are reading a lot of blogs where folks are saying the last few weeks have really quited down...
         We all know the big name brokerage companies, and they seem to be doing pretty well in this current environment. Question is, do you get contacted as a direct result of this? We have 2 companies, Get Us A Home Realty & Atlanta Relocate. Sure, you hear it on our phone message, it is on ou...
  Halloween night and our satellite provider has CRAP  for movies. C'mon, where is hocus pocus, Halloween w/ Jamie Lee, Tim Burton's Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas. As a kid we could have a hand full of channels and get scared to our wits. This is a time to put the kiddies to bed...
       We currently have 2 sets of clients deep in the new home purchase process. Both have raised the same questions and we have questions for the buyers also. Both builders are offering about 5% in incentives to be used as the buyer wants. Seems in this age, that is the first question from buye...
     We all grew up with those funny (not to the parents) rhymes. With kids nowadays all you have to do is set them up by starting one of these rhymes. So, while I was showing a vacant home a couple days ago to a family with 2 elementary school daughters, I opened Pandora's Box. I rang the door ...
       OK, so I'm showing my age a bit. How many of you remember clothes chutes & milk chutes? Do you show homes now that have them? Do your clients ask "what the heck is that"? I recently showed a home with the master up stairs to clients from California, lo and behold in the master closet, A CL...
          You may not know what a house lawyer is, but, I know you have dealt with them. This is a friend of a buyer with all the answers, in our case at least the house lawyers are involved in some home sale capacity. Back in my successful auto selling days, when someone brought in their ringer ...
           We have just submitted an offer on a home listed at $319,900 in our area. The purchasers are former clients of ours, he is in the building supply industry. Ahter deciding they liked the home and wanted to move forward, he brought his friend, a local builder who has been around for a wh...
          Talk about proper planning, Forsyth County has 10 new schools to be built between 2010-2013. Forsyth County School system is the top employer in the county. Attendance is set to escalate too 50,000 students during this period. Classrooms are technologically-advanced, as the school syste...
          I would say we have a fairly large group of folks we could call our friends. Some are also in the Real Estate business, but, many are not. In this time when quite a few are falling on hard times I cannot understand for the life of me how some people get so excited about someone in your ...

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