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      It is human nature to brag about a good deal you made, you know, I paid X amount of dollars for this car. An acquaintanceof ours has an extensive website, the domain name is iffy at best. Anyway, he told us he paid $1000.00 to have the site set up (I did not even ask) seemed like a pretty g...
       The trend recently has been to reduce costs. One way is to join a company with lower fees and a better split. I personally know 2 Associate brokers that have decided to start up their own companies. When I drive by a local Real Estate company (a large National chain), it is obvious there a...
     I will assume most of us have been in this position. For me this is a scenario I have experienced multiple times. I guess I am a glutton for punishment, I have a hard time separating business from personal relationships, and relatives also for that matter. So a friend of ours and his family...
      Thanksgiving has passed, now it is OK to talk about Santa. I was taught as a kid that no mention should be made of the big guy until after Thanksgiving dinner. Things may be a bit tough at the North Pole this year, so it is up to the rest of us to insure that many kids have something to loo...
     I will not bore you with the list of occupations I have worked in. Almost all were sales related and your income was based upon your production not the amount of hours equals pay. To even consider a job (and thats what it would be to me) where someone would dictate to me what my time by the...
     My car has a vehicle identification number that begins with a 1, it was assembled in the United States. We built our home 3 years ago and have a fixed rate mortgage and quite a bit of equity. So I ask, at a time when many told us we were nuts for getting a fixed rate instead of an interest ...
       First off, I do not hold a degree in website design, nor have I had any formal training. So, everyone is more than welcome to bash these ideas, but it works for us. We own quite a few domain names and I'll use a couple for reference. is one of our names, ...
          A week go we wrote a contract on a new home in North Metro Atlanta. The contract was accepted a day later with one upgrade being eliminated. No problem, the purchasers agreed. Closing was (note was) scheduled for late November. One week later the onsite agent called and said the builder...
      Did anyone else notice most of the states hardest hit in the real estate market went Democratic during the election? Is that a coincidence? Are home owners in those states basically saying enough is enough? I started picking states by the real estate markets and the results were eerily simi...
    If you have been in other sales occupations or are a long time agent you realize we adapt to our clients and literally do this without knowing it. I am always amazed when I see an agent not adapting to the clients disposition, "this is how I always do it" is not going to work in this market....

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