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     Current single family residence search shows approximately 8500 foreclosure homes for sale Atlanta metro area. There are also some great values in Sugar Loaf Country Club Homes Sale. Topping out at close to 1000 homes, this gated community has long been a favorite for families seeking the C...
       One of our first domains is www.AtlantaRelocate.comit was an expired domain name, and the agent left the business. What she DID do was publish a very nice web site which had many links to it. So when we published our website it was already well established in the mind of Google, sure, the ...
       What the heck, I've done sillier things. What could it hurt to send the big guy a wish list? Worst case scenario, nothings happens, besides, Santa is the ONLY one not asking for a bailout, he must be doing OK... 1. I wish I could see that dog behind the door when I am showing a home & cats...
    Now I do NOT go as far back as little Ralphie, but, I am NOT far off. NOTHING was assembled back in the days. Dad would be up till 3AM assembling (*>&*$+#!!! There would be tinsel, and I mean a LOT of tinsel everywhere. The smaller homes did not lend themselves for good hiding places, we oft...
      Remember when you were a kid and you would shake, probe, and weigh presents to figure out what it was? Well that's how we feel now! We recently wrote a blog about how you can forget about the cyclical market and how to predict the busy times. Well we took a look at our Atlanta website traff...
     In our area, the cycle of peak and off season was like clock work. January the listing appointments came, early Spring you were showing homes at least every other day so folks could close in the Summer and start off the kids in a new school from day one. Early Autumn we would be the usual b...
    Great, 60 Minutes does a segment where a condo is priced at pennies on the dollar. I've got enough of these stories floating around our area. Hey, next time you use an example, say it is AN EXTREME EXAMPLE! So I tried to work a foreclosed new home sale. I new the bank, I knew thier tendencie...
    The old you do what you gotta do. We do not have a lot of agents with us, just enough for everybody to wade through this storm. I have cherry picked some of the leads, Jodi disperses them now. Gee everybody loves Jodi now Lol. I have a relative who is not with our company, she recently had a...
       The idea of spending BILLIONS to just administrate bailout monies just infuriates me. Now, the American people can bailout some of these industries ON THEIR OWN! Instead of deciding who and when someone should get the funds, give it to us! I buy a product manufactured in America, I get a b...
    Small Businesses, if banks were like this now, probably a lot less problems. It seems a lot of the laws to prevent a large company from cornering or at least controlling a market were NOT followed. As companies were swallowing up other companies the gov allowed this too happen. Now we are ba...

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