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       The dreaded message that pops up is, do you want outlook to compact your files? You click yes and 3 months of emails are gone, disappeared, thanks for nothing. Once that message pops up, it will keep doing so until you compact. First off empty all the deleted items in your deleted items fo...
       Much like a home for sale, the first priority is NOT sending a negative impression to a perspective home buyer. Curb appeal, a nice front door with a shiny lock and door knob will allow buyers to see the home with a neutral point of view. So, what signal are you sending clients with your e...
       Many of us that work on our own websites will use a meta tag analyzer or an SEO analysis tool. These sites will break down your website and tell you how your meta tags, keyword density and other attributes conform to their guidelines. We use it on occasion for a breakdown BUT seldom adhere...
     Some good news for Forsyth County residents and potential residents, Forsyth County has the second lowest foreclosure rate in Metro Atlanta. Home prices have taken a bit of a hit, approximately 9% which is really not bad compared with some other areas. Home sales for 2008 were approximately...
       In our area in North Metro Atlanta there are many, many, unfinished subdivisions with empty lots. Inevitably someone down the road is going to finish out these communities. Recently we showed a home that was 2 years old. This home was purchased at the peak of pricing. The community is unfi...
       How does Google work? Who the heck knows! One thing we do know is it seems you cannot diversify enough in your websites. As we have MANY websites, we diversify our links by changing the address for the link and the name of the link itself. The 2 main reasons for this is Google coverage and...
       We have all been there, your first time out showing a family potential homes. Are they the type that look at the front elevation and say lets move on, or do they meticulously observe every property inside and out?      I have always thought I was REALLY good at setting time lines for showi...
     I once had a sales job where the boss would record you on a random sales call (I Hated That!). The customer would pepper you with questions about the product and services you offered. That was bad enough, but listening to it? UGH! I spoke in a monotone manner and waaaay to fast. I also had ...
    This is the first time locally that the media has said we're at the bottom, the come back starts next Summer. This in itself was quite a surprise, typically our media spouts gloom and doom while rattling off the worst statistics of the most depressed market in the Country. So, why the change...
       Yes THE most unlikely team too reach the NFL playoffs is IN!!! The Atlanta Falcons are in the playoffs after a year in which Michael Vick goes to jail, coach Bobby Petrino bails out before the end of the season and the prognasticators picked us to win 2 games... HAH! Great season coach Smi...

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