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     Since instituting google alerts, we are surprised at the amount of folks searching our names or company. First I wonder if these are predominately prospective clients that have come across one of our websites and cannot find it again. Fortunately our names and companies are not to difficult...
 Lakes Edge Gainesville Lake Lanier Homes For Sale      Lakes Edge Gainesville Lake Lanier Homes For Sale   Gorgeous lake community with fabulous mountain views.   Beautiful craftsman style homes on oversized wooded homesites, averaging 3/4 acre, offer beauty and privacy.  Amenities include a 4 S...
       There are hundreds of free SEO free diagnosing websites, they will grade your website and predominately tell you what you have done wrong. They'll pick apart your meta tags, and explain that they can help you for a buck or two.      Personally I use them only for a summary of keyword conce...
       How would I know about about the search results for particular neighborhoods? Well, 47 web sites and google analytics along with some other applications keeps me informed as to who, what, and where. 20 of our sites are dedicated to particular neighborhoods, this gives us a unique perspecti...
     We show a lot of homes, and I'm blown away by some of the deals I'm seeing in this market. Wonderfull homes in established subdivisions that need only cosmetic work. Carpet, updating and so on. There are deals in half finished subdivisions, but, why purchase one of those?      The remaining ...
       Whatever happened to all the real estate experts on late night infomercials? Hah! Whats the matter? Can't sell that stuff in this market? Good, geez those pay ads were irritating. Look at me, I have expensive cars, boats, a mansion, and I do not work anymore. So at least there is a bright ...
       One of the most difficult situations with SEO and website building is trying to cover all the parameters you believe prospective clients will use as search terms. If niche marketing is your forte that is fine, but, we try to paint a broad stroke with our websites to capture as many clients...
     First of all, if I hear or read the phrase "scold the banking executives" one more time I am going to jump out of my skin! Scold? Are you friggin kidding me? The investigation on major league baseball and the steroid scandal had more teeth, angry committee members, individual and collective...
       Our friends the Mo brothers, you just have to have them both working together. Lets start with the brother Motivation, this one is pretty easy for me. Open up Quick Book, check the financial statement and YIKES! OK, I'm motivated.      The brother Momentum is a different story. When you ar...
       We all know google is the king in the real estate search engine game. The first trick is to get to the top, the second is to STAY there. I am not tooting our horn, but, we are there and we'll stay there. Obviously continued blogging with activerain will also help keep you in your rank, but...

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