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      Reunion is another John Wieland community in South Hall County. Much like Hamilton Mill, Reunion is a wonderfull planned community with a town center, shopping, and amenity area for residents to congregate. Being an avid golfer, I found the real star of Reunion to be the 18 hole golf course...
    I had to tweak a website and I was in GoDaddy when I clicked on the domain name auctions. Of course I wanted to see what folks thought the value was for particular names. My first question is, do people pay that kind of money for the names??? Holy Smokes, it does'nt even come with a website! ...
    For those of you who think this is not real estate related, this product actually helped me sell a home last year. I have no affiliation to a particular company, but, for those of you who have The Red Zone, you know what I'm talking about. Football, High Definition, All the best plays, and NO...
     I snapped a couple of pictures of Blackie this morning, and that in itself is not easy! A typical morning involves the dog and I retrieving the morning paper and perching on the front porch. This is blackie's time, Blackie patrols our front hummingbird feeder, and I DO mean patrol. Anybody a...
     Its funny how you change over the years, I was never the neat tidy kid. Like most boys I'd throw it under the bed until the cache could hold no more! Your Mom would look under there and say "I've been looking for this for months"! Now I've been called compulsive, by my kid no less, what in t...
         Lake Lanier Homes for sale in Georgia. Welcome to North Georgias gem, Lake Lanier is a sprawling man made lake with approximately 600 miles of shoreline. At first conceived as a resevoir and water supply for down stream, Lake Lanier now is a huge recreational area. The Army Corp of Engi...
       Lake Norman N C Homes Sale North Carolina Real Estate     20 miles North of Charlotte is Lake Norman. Over 500 miles of shoreline, this area is booming with activity. Offering upscale shopping, year-round golfing, fishing and other water activities, this man made Lake is not far from the m...
     For some of us who have had a lengthly relationships with investors and prior clients, there is typically a common theme. They ask questions, usually good ones, they want reports, they ask advice, they respect your opinion when they ask open ended questions. These transactions more often tha...
   We are helping a friend establish his website in the Birningham Alabama area. So, as most of us do, you try a few search parameters to see how Google rates the pages. We searched  "Hoover Birmingham AL Homes Sale" and lo and behold, was in the AdWords section. I hope they get this ...
    When we went on a trip as kids, I can remember our dad studying the road maps. He had a different one for every state that he probably bought at a service station (that's what they were then) and the maps were ancient. It never failed, part of the way into the trip, the road changed in a mann...

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