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Since we at foreclosehelp have so many short sale packages in the works with virtually every lender in the mortgage industry, we have the "inside track" on the latest lender trends.  Some of these trends can work to our advantage, while some work to our disadvantage.  One such trend we have notic...
When it comes to lenders being able to go after a homeowner for a deficient balance, in the state of California all types of loans can be defined in two categories; recourse or non-recourse loans.  Recourse loans are loans where the lender has the right to collect any deficient balance, while in ...
We receive many calls regarding the gathering and submitting of hardship documentation for our sellers.  Hardship documentation includes proof of income, bank statements, tax returns for the last 2 years, latest mortgage statements or payment coupons, financial statement, and a hardship letter wi...
Now that you have had us perform a free viability study and you have priced your short sale according to our guidelines, your next challenge is to effectively market your short sale listing. Your first step should be to post your listing to the appropriate MLS. Always be sure to follow the MLS gu...
Short sale.  It seems to be the "buzz word" of 2008.  On Active Rain, a seemingly large percentage of posts are dedicated to short sales, whether it be listing them, discussing them, or advertising someone's "expertise" in them.  Until recently, short sales have been a little-known secret in the ...
Now that you have prequalified your short sale listing, your next challenge is to correctly price you listing.  The first thing you must do to determine your price is to pull comparables, or "comps."  Be sure to search specifically for short sales and REOs, if possible.  For example, in the MRMLS...
The most common question agents ask about our services is: What is our turnaround time? How long does it take for us to get a short sale approval? This question has a complicated answer.  There are many factors that play a role in determining the time it takes to get short sale approval.  The num...

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