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I make daily notes on my calendar and planner, write separate lists of necessary tasks and have all kinds of reminders. My problem is I often forget to check all these lists and notes. I really need a reminder for the reminder!  I’m talking about things besides medical and medical related appoint...
So it’s the New Year and for many people, that means a “new you” (me!). We may not plan on completely re-inventing ourselves but we make resolutions to change our habits or try new ones. A recent article dealt with the people in our lives and how ridding ourselves of “toxic” relationships is nece...
Some of you may be familiar with Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the bestseller (later a movie) “Eat, Pray, Love”. Regardless of your opinion of her and/or her writing, she’s become a motivational speaker with what I think is a rather interesting, refreshing take on various matters.The excerpts belo...
I’m at that age where I think about getting older . . . and concerned, due to my family history, that my mental acuity remains intact. A recent article offered some useful ways that we can emotionally support ourselves as we journey through the aging process.Meditate“Meditation is a great way to ...
A recent article discussing how we make major decisions caught my interest since the premise was based on “personality” types. The personality types were those used in standard personality testing that many of us may have experienced in our professional lives.I’ve read articles on how our birthda...
I often hear people speak about time management and the need to pay more attention to how we spend our very precious time. I’m reminded all the time that time is finite, not infinite. But I’ve never really given much thought to actively “managing” my time. Other than scheduling appointments for ...
Magic Phrases Can Save Awkward Conversations Real Estate is one of those professions where conversations with colleagues, clients and other professionals occur on a daily basis.  Even with email and text messaging, there are many times where 'live" communication, by phone or in person, is necessa...
The author of a recent article with the above title (which ends at junk food - I added the "other things") notes the following: “I'm going to be honest with you: I can't live without junk food. It's just not going to happen. Life is too short to miss out on things like dripping chocolate ice crea...
I'm sure this happens to everyone. We’re going about our day when something unfortunate occurs — we get a parking ticket, or some project or business deal is going south — and our mood shifts for the worse. A stream of negative thoughts flood into our brain, and before we know it, we’re completel...
The following article was shared by a hospital nurse of 20 years and largely revolves around her profession. But as she correctly points out, we can all learn something and gain new skills if we can just stop focusing on ourselves all the time.The author notes that as society becomes more aware o...

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