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You read the title correctly. Apparently being calm can actually have the opposite effect. At least for some of us.  An interesting article recently addressed this question. We assume that nobody likes being anxious. If that’s true, the author asks, then why do we sometimes feel so unsettled when...
I can’t be the only one who feels that at this point in the pandemic, it still feels like we’re stuck in a bit of a time warp. Yes, things are opening back up and many people are carrying on with their events and travel plans. But there’s still a layer of uncertainty about what might happen next ...
Who knew there was such a thing as a “needle list” and that it’s secretly stressing us out. The author of the article about how to get rid of this annoying list first explains what the heck it is:She notes that many people have a running list of smallish tasks that pile up in our heads at all tim...
I’ve never considered myself a “perfectionist”, at least not in the sense that most people understand when they use that term. I’ve probably described others as “perfectionists” but may have been incorrect in my perceptions.  Whatever the scenario, for me the term generally has a negative connota...
It’s the New Year and the phrase “out with the old, in with the new” may ring quite true for many of us. But letting go isn’t easy, as an inciteful article points out. Here’s a recap:The article notes that anyone who has ever cleaned out their closet, or even a junk drawer, knows how hard it can ...
OK, so not everyone is obsessive about email and has any concern about specific “etiquettes” involved in that type of communication. But for those of us who may be tied to emails as the primary form of daily communication, at least for business/professional purposes, nagging questions about daily...
Can we celebrate the holidays without stress?A client this week was telling me about her client and how stressed she is about the upcoming holidays and how she misses last year’s holiday season. In the midst of the pandemic, her family stayed home and it was intimate and private. There was nowher...
For people outside of California, the concept of living with the constant fear of fire danger and evacuation may sound unreasonable (although there may be other comparable situations to consider). Here in California, it is now the new normal. We spend the summer and fall with go bags by the door,...
Really!?! You mean I have hidden or not so hidden behaviors that occur unconsciously that are actually causing me to lose energy? Well, duh, absolutely. But what are they? According to a recent article, there are quite a few and some, at least to me, are quite surprising. See what you think.  The...
Like most real estate professionals – and people with other professions – negotiating is a normal, almost daily activity. Negotiating for clients is part of an expected routine that comes with the territory. And don’t get me started on the negotiations often involved with our partners, parents, f...

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